Sunday, August 7, 2022

Extreme belt & martinet spanking boy Gera

Extreme belt and martinet spanking for Russian boy Gera 22 we offer you to admire. During this clip you'll see a real and pain and extreme suffers of young lad. As you can see,  Gera will get the corporal punishment in the dungeon with other lad who will hold him during the thrashing.

Before starting the punishment, Gera stripped. His sexy bare ass now is helpless and open for the hard devices of our sadistic Master. So that's time to start a really extreme belt and martinet spanking for the ass of this poor Russian boy.

First of all Gera is laying down on the long wood bench. The other guy is holding his feets during the corporal punishment.

The hits begins to fall on the bare ass of Gera.  boy is moaning, screaming. How you can see, that's really not easy to suffer this corporal punishment.

During the extreme spanking boy video our Master is using the belt (razor strap type) and the martinet. 

In the second part of the thrashing Gera is on the special spanking horse-bench. How we see, boy is bounded to this  punishment bench. 

Just look at his ass - it's totally covered by the deep ren and blue bruises. How you see it will be not easy for Gera to sit down during the next week.

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