Saturday, September 3, 2022


Having attitude and being cheeky is a perfect combination if you want to find yourself over the knee, getting your ass tanned.

That’s just what Thiago has and just how he finds himself. His choice of pink briefs is a little questionable, is this the colour he thinks his ass will be, or will it be a deeper red.

Just to spice things up, once his briefs are down,

not only does he get a good spanking, but he gets some good swats to the hole as well, always a good way to focus a wayward lad.

But that’s not all he gets as he is then on all fours and getting his rear end spanked, this makes him bite the cushion at the end of the couch. Of course,

for the cheek he gets some more swats to the hole as well as his spanking.

A little soothing cream rubbed in at the end might help him remember that a spanking is a lesson to keep in mind next time.

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