Monday, July 19, 2021


A sleepy and some would say lazy, Viktor is very comfortable in bed

He should have been up some time ago and needs to be woken up. 

Teodor drags the lad out of the bed and makes him kneel on the floor over the bed.

This brings him to just the right place for a wake-up spanking.

Wearing black underwear, Viktor looks extremely spankable kneeling there.

Teodor teaches the lad not to lay in bed half the day in the best way possible.

Down come the boxers and a great bare-ass spanking that this lazy lad needs, follows.

However, at the end of the spanking Viktor stands up and is standing up,

is it the usual morning wood or is it the spanking that’s done this,

Teodor is not impressed either way and tells Viktor to get himself into the shower quickly.

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