Tuesday, August 10, 2021

What ever happened

Straight Lads Spanked is an awesome production. I have been a huge fan for many of years. 

I always wondered, what happened to those modles that only did one or two clips and we never see or hear from them again. 

Steve, was an excellent spankee. To look at him you would not ever think that he would be over anyone's knee getting a well deserved spanking.

Even though he is a big boy, if you look into his eyes, you will find that little boy that is dying to come out. I truthfully believe that was what Mr.X seen in him.

I believe that millions of viewers loved seeing his big round muscular ass being spanked. The way his ass bounced and rolled with every swat and the way Steve refused to let out any type of wimper made the film more satisfying. 

Yet, the ones he did let escape was controlled by his pride, but what I love about Mr.X is that did not stop him from delivering a sound spanking. 

I for one would love to see him return to Mr.X's knee.
The two clips were nice but I know that Steve needed more of this great discipline. 

But one must think " What happened?"

Maybe these two clips were just a way to pay off a bill or something of the sort? 

Maybe the spanking industry was not his his thing? 

Who knows I guess, but if any of you that is reading this and knows the story behind his early retirement, please let us know.. 

We need more boys like Steve in the in our world. What do I mean by that? 

Big Boys who are not afraid to show their boyish need for good old fashioned discipline. 


Antwi David said...

Real discipline I love that.

Unknown said...

I agree

Medz125 said...

My favorite video ever!

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