Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nico meets the dragon cane (part 2)



Teodor finds out that Paco has been raiding the fridge for snacks and is far from happy.

The guilty lad is called in and has to pay the price for his crime.

The unimpressed and hungry, Teodor sets about spanking the lad and teaching him not to raid the fridge at will.

Paco takes what’s coming as he stands against the fridge, the scene of his misdeed. Jeans first, then boxers for the help in controlling his diet.

There’s seems to be a lot more going on here than a spanking judging by the bulge in those boxers, and when they are pulled down, Paco bounces out of them highly excited.

Seeing him spanked and like this, you have to wonder if the spanking or the food acted as an aphrodisiac for him.

 Either way, it’s a super sight and a super spanking.


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