Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Athlete Spanked

What is it about athletes being spanked that thrills us? Is it that we just find it funny or is it that we just love to see their athletic bottoms being smacked. 

Through out the years we have seen many athletes play apart in a 



or just pissing about, having fun with spanking, but a huge part of me thinks they enjoy it. 

Sometimes it may just be a simple slap on the arse that does something to us spankos. I guess we play it back in our heads in slow motion and watch their ass bounce with the slap. 

Many studios have taken up this thought through out the years and have created great dialogs for thier films

and personally, I love them. Looking back at the vintage films, athletic boys being bent over the coaches knee for an old fashioned spanking for destroying a play or being late for practice or something in that nature has mesmerized us. 

I guess after seeing those films and looking at athletes playing the game it takes her mind back to that. 

And of course it may be that we just love to see athletes getting their buns spanked. 

We all remember Anthony Davis 

being spanked in the locker room, that is something we all will remember. I must admit seeing his red ass being spanked was GREAT! If his basketball career ever goes downhill he always has a place in the spanking industry that's for sure.

I know a lot of disciplinary including myself with love to have their hands on his red pretty ass, which would much more attractive if it was completely red and sore. 

But the fantasy of spanking athletes will be something that a spankos will have in our mind. But dreams do come true..... 

Boys Being Boys

Boys Being Boys has been around for years, bringing us the great art work of many artist. 

I enjoy stopping past and looking up the latest and new artist that have come on the seen. Although, the artist may have been around for awhile band I just never seen their work. 

I love the way that  they have captured the moment. 
I have come pass alot of drawings and sketches and it seems that they all have a way

Some of the artist take what we see on everyday basis and put them into a spanking scenario, like cartoon characters we would imagine to be punished for their antics. 

I guess that's a good thing about freedom of speech ( in some countries) but all in all, I just love how they express themselves. 

Also how they can take our likes and fetishes and put them on a canvas. 

Let's not decieve ourselves to think that they are the only ones who see different scenarios and put them into our own themes.. 

Zack Art

This morning, I was going through the some art work and came across this amazing art collection. 

I am not familiar with this artist but maybe you are. 

He goes by the name Zack and is out of the U.K. which is my favorite place in the world. 

His artwork is very attractive and sets the mood, for which ever your mode is. 

I wonder if he has any male spanking art work, which I only found one. But I'm sure there is. 
Follow the link to review his fantastic art work and maybe even purchase some. 

Each print is limited to a guaranteed edition of 50, each signed by Oliver Frey/Zack as the artist and numbered to provide a true intrinsic value. Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity (COA).


Prints are made using the seven-colour Giclée process on heavyweight (225 gsm) matte cotton-smooth art paper. This process ensures accurate colour matching to the original painting. Both inks and papers are guaranteed fast for up to 75 years allowing for the investment to naturally increase in value.


Prints come on two paper sizes: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm / 8.3 x 11.7 ins) and A3+ (33 x 48 cm / 13 x 18.9 in). Image area and price varies according to the original.




Taavi is shirking and sitting outside smoking, 

Teodor is not a fan of smoking and is not happy when he catches the lad.

Taavi has a little smirk as he is marched back into the house to face the music.

Going OTK and getting a paddling is the best way to persuade any lad to stop smoking, and after seeing how Taavi thought it was funny, so this really is the best answer.

Jeans and boxers get the treatment as a warm up to the main paddling on his bare ass.
This lad seems to drift from each act of naughtiness

with great ease and finds himself on the end of a spanking. He never learns.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...