Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Ike’s First Spanking

.                               Ike Godsey

Ike is an 18-year-old straight boy who is doing his first adult videos with us. He has a thick mop of blond hair and a truly great ass. This is his first spanking video.
Like most of the models we shoot, Ike is surprised when Tom puts him over his knee.
He has a bit of a deer-in-the-headlights look that fades as the spanking continues and he comes to terms with the reality of his situation.

Tom uses his hand, a wooden paddle and a silicone tawse on Ike’s firm, young butt. It reddens nicely, but does not mark up due to Ike’s youth and good health.

Ike has to learn to address Tom properly and become accustomed to being over Tom’s knee. The spanking focuses Ike’s attention and he soon learns his place.

Caning Chris

                                Chris Beck 

Chris is a 22-year-old straight boy with a fantastic bubble butt.He's done videos before and he always has a tough time with them.But he manages to submit and be obedient.

He knows it's what's required. In this video, Chris shows up for a caning. He knows the cane really stings and wanted another...

Tumblr Spankabels


Kiran is lazing away the afternoon, and like a lot of lads he keeps a Tshirt on, no boxers, makes you wonder what else he has been up to?
Laying there on the bed blissfully chilling, although not all of his is relaxed looking at him.

But the point is he should be there, dressed or not, he should be working around the place.

This means that when Dimitri comes in and confronts him, knowing what he will find out why he has a paddle with him, the faux surprise Kiran shows carries no weight.
Dimitri rolls the lad over and paddles him wide awake.

Kiran is rolling round and reaching back to try and cover his stinging butt, but to no avail.

Dimitri is never a man to let any lad laze away a day and the paddling he gives Kirans shows how he feels about it as well.

Kiran bolts for the door at the end and no wonder when he has encountered the wrath of Dimitri.

"  I am happy to see Dimitri back into the swing of things. If you have noticed and I'm sure you have, that Dimitri has been absent from the scene for a short while. I hope everything is going well for him. 
Seemingly, the boys of the house have been lazy lazy these couple of scenes. So laxed that their boyhood is at an attention. But this scene is a little different. Kiran must have loved his dream, but when he was brought out of his sleep with the feel of the wooden paddle on his naked Twink  ass, as his facial expression shows  it was not a feel good moment.

Some of the boys recently have been loving the spanking experience, and there is nothing wrong with that, with their penises dripping with cum during and after the discipline spanking. 

But when " Big Dimitri" comes into the scene delivering a a good old fashioned paddling, it is shown that there is no cum dripping today. 

I'm not sure if anyone, reading this had ever been spanked out of your sleep, but I can definitely say, " I have" . Watching this scene brought back a lot of memories of my light brown ass being punished early in the morning for some things I should not have done the previous day.

I'm not taking anything away from Teodor, by no means. Teoder is an excellent disciplinarian, but sometimes Teoder can be a little Tender with the boys, at times.. 

Where as Dimitri has not a Tender bone in his body. Nevertheless, I would not want to be in the receiving side of the paddle with either one of them, or would I? 

If you have missed any of the scenes from B.B.F.C. then I think it's time that you come on in and not just settle for the preview experience. 

And for those that are not into the membership type of situation then you can always catch them on clips4sale as well."


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...