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Spidee Needs a good Spanking

DL Thick Booty Thugs

Strolling through Tumblr and found a page full thick booty boys that look like they need a good hard and long spanking.

Figure they expose their beautiful round asses for the world bro see. We might as well pull them over our knees and give them exactly what they are asking for. 

Yeah, I know slot of them say " I'm not into that" but they say it with a smirk on their face.

Nevertheless they say they just want some dick, but when it comes down it, they need discipline, real discipline to go along with that dick. 

Actually a good recipe for a misbehaving boy. 

In my experience and domestic discipline and growing up in the hood, there are so many people , or should I say there  are so many men  that love to be disciplined but because of the lifestyle of " Hard Knoc' Life" and the persona that they are tough because of the way that they choose to live their life they cannot express what they actually want and need until they meet someone that is very discreet and private and things of that nature to express themselves too.   

You would be actually surprised on how many people that I have spoken to or I have had spanking sessions with that tells me that domestic discipline spanking is something that they always have wanted and needed in their adult life. 

I know it all sounds like something that was made up in somebody's mind or something that was made up in my mind ,but it is a actual fact. 

Being a person who is a outward spanker and does not hide I am or what I do, I have been approached by a lot of " Hood Niggas" that wanted to experience domestic discipline. Of course they did not say it exactly like that ,what their exact words were "I heard about what you do and I want you to do that with me. But we gotta keep it on the low, feel me?"

Being the person that I it was not hard for me to keep their privacy. I definitely believe that when you keep one's privacy to yourself it builds a greater bond between you and that person. 

But seemingly the story is always the same maybe has a little turn to it but the story majority of the time is the same.
It doesn't have to do with anything about homosexual nature. It is a thing that they want to feel as if they are loved and cared for and they need to answer for things that they have done or they are doing. I guess I can say that it is a thing, that they need for someone to hold them accountable. 

I know that the stills that I am posting with this article seems that the ones that I had had these conversations with or have had sessions with were skinny, mid built men. 

That is far from the truth. I have done many sessions with bigger built in of all race nationality, color and size. 

When it comes to administering domestic discipline. I believe all that need and yearn with this. Should be able to receive it. 

But their story is not any different from anyone else who is searching or involved in the domestic discipline lifestyle. Yes I can say that at some degree domestic discipline is needed in more areas than the other, but yet still all the same.

So I guess the true meaning of this article show and give some explanation on the DL domestic discipline saggers ( if you will) . 

But not all saggers are feeling anything that I was just explaining because some just want to show their buttocks to the world in a sexual content type of way. 

* The stills that have been used on this article it's actually from DL THICK BOTTY THUGS.  Click the link to see more. * 

Ricky's Request

One of the many requests for Ricky. The lad is called in and told to go OTK. Wearing grey sweats he looks very spankable. The heavy wooden paddle lands on his rear and Ricky starts his OTK dance.

 He wriggles and jumps at every swat and tries his best to look in control. Blue briefs next and the red glow peeping around the edges is a tell tale sign that the spanking is getting across. A final bare ass spanking and Rickys butt looks a picture of the paddle at work. A super request for Ricky

                British Boys Fetish Club

Sting Special Price Spanking Compilation “The Birching Block Parts 5 to 8”

        The Birching Block Parts 5 to 8


Its time once again for the heavy wooden birching bock to be put in place to allow for some severe discipline to be administered. This famous stepped platform, enabling a lads bare backside to be raised up for punishment, was to be found in many historically famous public educational institutions. The lads of gentlemen would often learn a hard lesson whilst kneeling on its polished surface.

One such young gentleman is Brad Farnley (Robbie Kasl) His constant bad behaviour has come back to bite him in more ways than one. As a senior boy he is supposed to set a good example which he clearly hasn’t been doing. A birching is now seen as the best answer to put some sense back in to this wayward lad head.

Sent to Mr Sharpe his Housemaster he can see that the block is already in position. Now he is ordered to remove his breeches and bare his backside for punishment!

The birch had been soaked previously and now, as it lashes down on Farnley’s well raised bare bottom, he is already re thinking his recent behaviour! His Housemaster believes in getting a firm message across especially when a senior has been acting like a junior.

So, the birching is followed up by a burning spanking leaving Farnley’s backside well and truly red raw!

The other boy due for a visit to his Housemasters study is a lower 6th lad, Aiden Hamilton (Evan Novak) Recently this junior has been growing in boldness and cheek and as with Farnely its been decided that a birching will curb his downright naughtiness.

Ordered to strip he must now kneel on the block to take his punishment. His knees must be apart and hands flat on the floor with bare bottom well raised. The position is humiliating enough as little is left not in view but now the rod descends! The twigs cut cruelly in to the lads well rounded bottom and a punishment begins that he won’t quickly forget.

Now though with his backside still burning from the birch he is taken over the knee like the naughty junior he is and given a good spanking. The scoring slaps quickly waken the birch welts in to a burning finale. Hamilton too is now re thinking his behaviour for the future.


The sturdy birching block has been set out yet again to support, in a good position, those miscreant young pupils who have flouted the rules. Strip Sir!… and go down! will be the last words they hear before discipline with a soaked whippy birch is laid on. Part of a public college education all designed to supremely educate the sons of gentlemen.

The sturdy birching block has been set out yet again to support, in a good position, those miscreant young pupils who have flouted the rules. Strip Sir!… and go down! will be the last words they hear before discipline with a soaked whippy birch is laid on. Part of a public college education all designed to supremely educate the sons of gentlemen.

Standing before the Headmaster is Hugh Pittman (James Holt) He is head boy of Drake house and a well respected senior amongst the other boys. However having seen fit to take the staff car for a spin he’s got himself in to hot water. The Headmaster is always keen to make sure the lads educational records are not blemished so orders him to be birched.

His Housemaster, Mr Volny will lay on the punishment and several fresh birches have been supplied by the bursar. The bold prefect Pittman will ‘go down’ and surely regret his actions! The scorching damp birch twigs will cut their painful message into his rounded muscular bare bottom. Its later though after lights out that his burning backside will be well warmed again. The Housemaster is furious that the head boy of his house has let the side down.

He will be soundly spanked like a junior and on top of his already well striped bare bottom.

A younger lad had also been making more trouble than is worth tolerating. Josh Granger (Robin Palmer) a very cheeky sixth former has been causing mayhem in the dorm after lights out. The Headmaster has come to the end of his patience. Perhaps a taste of the birch from his own Housemaster might make the lad behave a bit better.

His Housemaster Mr Sharpe (Marco) wastes no time in ordering the boy to kneel on the block. Young Josh will get his first birching. The first stroke doesn’t seem too bad but as the punishment gets going the boy can feel his bare bottom become more fiery at each cut! This thing really stings and its getting worse but all he can do is stay down and take it. His smooth rounded bare bottom is glowing red now, the biting twigs making their painful pattern on his naked posterior.

However like Pittman this Housemaster too likes to back up the discipline with a spanking!

Poor Granger will now have to go over the knee and feel the powerful stinging flat of his Housemasters hard hand.


The Bursar has supplied the latest tightly bound bundles of whippy birch rods, which now wait to be used in the large enamel jug . Two lads who have recently seen fit to break the college rules are going to find themselves on the business end of these time honoured instruments. Soaked and ready to use, it’s now just a matter of ordering those badly behaved lads to ‘go down!’

First up is Richardson (Paul Wolfe) He is normally a good student but of late has been getting very bad results in his studies. His time keeping is woefully out of pace too. The deputy Head, a stickler for punctuality, decides its time to pull him up and snap him back into shape.

He orders a birching and young Richardson soon finds himself kneeling on the old punishment block, this time with Mr Sharp wielding the naturally grown stingers.

If the poor lad’s bare bottom is not now raw enough, he’s going over the knee for a good spanking too! In the eyes of the Deputy Head it is of course well deserved!

The room is cleared again and a second boy is reporting to be birched. Knightly (Milo Mills) has also got himself in to trouble, mainly for truancy or being out of bounds. Given too many chances he too must now go down on the block.

Mr Sharp pulls a fresh birch from the jug and surveys Knightly’s well raised and rounded bare bottom. This boy deserves a good swishing and he’s going to get it! Each stroke burns and it seems to get worse the more that are delivered!

However, following his tradition Mr Sharp will end off the punishment session with a good spanking. Knightly can only wail as Mr Sharpe’s firm hand connects with his already very sore birched bare backside!


At Seaton Grange the old wooden birching block has been placed in position. Yet again two unruly gentlemen are to be taught some manners whilst kneeling, bare bottoms raised high, on its well worn step. The birches, freshly soaked, are ready to use. The condemned boys will soon be stripped and waiting for the ominous command Go down sir!

Two senior boys both carrying the name of James have been carpeted in front of the Headmaster for various offences. The first, Hilton (Bob Stone) for indulging in too much alcohol when he should know better and Hunter (Rudi Vallance) who is rather too fond of the local girls and had been out after hours again to pursue his lust. Both lads do not want their parents informed of their antics whilst boarding away so will settle for the punishment of birching, an age old custom of this particular college.

The master whose duty it is to lay on the punishment is Mr Sharpe.

He also, especially with unruly senior boys, likes to end the session with a good spanking. If they act like juniors they’ll be treated as such!

For an older boy going over the knee of a master again to have your bare bottom smacked is just a little bit embarrassing. It’s hard not to show it too after those cruel twigs have so effectively swished your bare bottom raw already.

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