Tuesday, December 7, 2021


For all the requests we have had to see Patryk in a classic OTK.

Wearing tight white jeans he goes OTK as he told, he does not have that usual smirk so he must know whats coming.

 The jeans do show off his little butt nicely, and the heavy hand of Ryan lands on them well.

But they have to go and as soon as they are down he is left wearing grey boxers which could have been made for spanking. By now patryk is sure this is not going well for him and the look on his face confirms this. 

The bare ass spanking that follows is a classic spanking.

Its no wonder that at the end the lad looks very sullen as he leaves the room.

added: December 11, 2019


Teodor comes home to the TV blasting out loud music and Matthew laying back enjoying it.

Teodor is more concerned that the neighbours will complain and Matthew finds himself getting a deserved spanking.

Not actually OTK, but under the arm and legs spread apart.

This keeps his jeans really tight and ideal for a start off, when he drops them

and gets back into the same position, his ass looks even better in boxers.

Teodor keeps a great pace and the lad is far from happy, it’s his own fault for not thinking of others.

The boxers go and Matthew is back with his legs spread and his junk hanging down delightfully.

This really is a great way to spank a guy, everything on show and a great target.

Matthew must feel really dejected at the end, as he walks away clutching his ass and forgetting his clothes, looks like job done to me.


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