Friday, December 31, 2021

Henri- Domestic Discipline Cottage

Henri is a professional Gardner at the Domestic Discipline Cottage and has been working for Mr. Dom for ten years. Henri has seen boys come and go throughout the years but unfortunately, he has never tasted the wrath of Mr.Dom. 
Henri and Mr.Dom have become very close over the years and have had many discussions about domestic discipline. and how it has made him a better man. 

Late Thursday morning, after brunch, Mr.Dom, dressed in black pants and a black shirt with matching dress shoes, is working in his office. Henri who is on duty working around the Master's Cottage peeps in the window to see if there are any sessions going on before he goes to knock on the door. Once seeing that Mr.Dom is alone, he puts down the leaf blower and walks to the entrance of the cottage, and knocks on the door { Knock, Knock}. Mr,Dom answers " Come in". Henri walks in and  stands at the door.

" Good Morning, sir. I stopped pass to talk to you about, the discussion we had some time ago, about joining the cottage boys. I know I am a little bit older, but us older boys need discipline too". Mr. Dom leans back in his chair and folds his arms and smiles " Yes, you are right and you have waited long enough, remove your clothes and fold them up and place them on the table." Henri removes his Blue shirt, gray shorts, white socks and blue shoes, revealing his blue speedos. 

Seems that Henri has been paying attention to the spanking session dress code, because his speedos fall into compliance.


Mr. Dom gets up and walks up to Henri and turns him around and looks at his tight light butt.


He lifts up one side of his speedos and says, " Henri it must have been such a long time since you had a real spanking. Your ass is much to pail" they both start to laugh. 

Mr. Dom walks away from Henri and goes toward the cane closet and takes out  the junior cane. Being that Henri has not been spanked in over twenty years, He figures that he would be easy on his little cute butt, for a moment or two. 

Mr. Dom walks back over to Henri and swishes the cane about and rest it on his buttocks and taps the cane on his blue speedos three times as he takes his position.

Mr. Dom brings the cane back and flinches his wrist and turns it to the right and comes down fast and swift across the middle of Henri's ass.


Henri lets out a moan and fixes his legs into the proper position as he takes a deep breath " Yes Sir" he replies. 

Mr. Dom taps his ass again and comes with the same strength and lands four swats of the cane one inch up from the first { Thwack, Thwack, Thwack,  Thwack!

Henri, starts to rethink his request and says " Mr. Dom, I think I made a wrong decision, I cant handle 

" Mr. Dom says " Its a little to late, my boy. You will finish this out" Henri gets nervous as he looks up at Mr. Dom, while he holds his position on the wall. Mr. Dom then puts the cane done and puts one hand up under Henri's stomach and begins to give him thirty minutes of a  continuous and meaningful  hard hand spanking. 

Henri begins to feel Mr. Dom's big and strong hands smacking his speedo covered ass, the sting becomes more intense as his ass vibrates with every hit. Henri begins to moan and gyrate his ass about. 

" Oh, Mr. Dom, your hands feel so wonderful on my ass. please do not stop, punish me! punish me! "

Mr. Dom takes Henri by the ear and walks him to the rest area and puts Henri in the incline position. Mr. Dom walks over to the night stand and takes out " Old Faithful" an old school paddle, that Henri might of had experience with back in his day. Mr, Dom takes up the paddle and begin smacking his ass full force with " Old Faithful". "Boy, you are really in need of a real old school spanking, aren't you, boy? " Henri replies loudly " Oh! yes sir! I needed you service for such along time { Owww!, Eww ! Owww!} I need and deserve this, Ohh! Owww! " 

After paddling Henri for forty five minutes, not missing an inch of his now red ass, he grips his ear once again and takes him over to the couch and lays him down and lets him rest there as he sobs and cries,, but he seems to have a stiff penis. Henri tries to hide it, but Mr. Dom notices it and smiles and walks over to his desk in the other room and takes out the punishment book and writes Henri's session in. 

After documenting the details he opens the desk drawer and takes out a ginger stick and walks back into the bedroom and over to Henri. Mr. Dom pulls back Henri's speedos and pushes the ginger stick in his shaved and pink ass hole.


Mr. Dom waits until the sting and burn begins to manifest. Henri begins to squirm and gyrate as his ass hole starts to feel the sting " It burns! oh, Gosh! Ohh,,, Emmm," 

Mr. Dom comes back beside Henri and begins to rub and massage his ass " Well, Boy, what do you think now? was this a bad discission?" Henri replies " Oh, No Sir! It hurts very bad, but I know I need your discipline, only if we could meet daily, but I know you have other boys to tend to". 
Mr. Dom says" No worries, my boy, we will add you to the roster before you begin your work, yes, I think that will work for you" 
Mr. Dom still rubbing Henri's ass, liking the feel of the spandex speedos. Mr. Dom then says to " Henri" Let me give you something to remember" Mr. Dom, gives Henri rapid and hard and consecutive swats. The sound of Henri's screams and moans feels the cottage .  Knowing that Henri needs all he can get he screams out " Harder daddy Harder!" Mr. Dom pulls him across his knee and ties his legs with his and gives him an old fashioned spanking. 

After one hour of an over the knee spanking, Mr. Dom takes out the ginger stick and lets Henri up as Henri cries and moans. Mr. Dom stands up and hugs his mate. " Your never to old my friend, Your never to old". Henri walks out of the office, still in his tight spandex speedos, rubbing his ass. 

Your never to old for a good hard and long as spnaking!


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...