Friday, January 7, 2022

Hard Dungeon Discipline Part 2 (Ben Harry Part 2)

Tumbler Spankables

I'll Ask You Once !

Marco has had a phone call about a lad living in the house (new StingLand Tim Vesely) who has been caught on the CCTV network stealing some cash.


In some ways he’s lucky, if he’s dealt with by Marco he gets another chance. Lucky though may not be the way of it, Marco can be a match for a lad who wants to go up against him in such a way.

So this lad will be getting a spanking, a first for him and a dose of the leather strap to follow. An import although painful learning curve!


he dares transgress again in this way he knows the corrective medicine he faces next time will be even more severe!

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I’ll Ask You Once! – in Standard Definition

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Title 2257

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