Friday, April 15, 2022

Old Favorite

 I really don't know where this came from if it was a movie or if it was just some pictures taken but either way, it's one of my favorites. 

Married Bi Bubble Bum Steve

 The Doctor Is In

 It has been a while since the doctor has posted in a of his material. Ever since the situation with clips4sale. 

 He had decided to do some soul searching and deep thinking before he started back. Who could blame him though. I think I would have done the same thing. 

In this first clip, in shows some good old fashioned spanking with a touch of exotic action. 
 Normally I do not put any type of sexual content on the blog but for this purpose Who I think of as a friend and confident and frat brother of Disciplinarians Society.  
It's my pleasure to premiere The Doctor in action with our favorite spankee 

" Bi Bubble Butt Steve"

Bad Butt's New Undies


Clean up time for Bad Butt,  before bedtime spanking. 

Uptown boy


As Pavel prepares for a game of hockey his coach arrives and tells him that he needs a hardy training punishment, and he is ordered to ready himself to be punished with his own hockey stick, after the hockey stick it is followed by a good strong hand spanking.

After the coach continues to punish the boy with an exceptional painful strapping followed by yet another vigorous hand spanking.

Finally Pavel gets to finish his preparations to go and play hockey.


all Young boys in Eastern Europe beautiful virgins savagely punished,straight first time spanking BDSM young boys this site is for those that like to see a guy punished hard. Belts, straps, hog-slappers and floggers are used to train unwilling asses to take it without complaint. Training sessions are hard and regular.

Red & White StripesAlex & Diego

Sub-Lieutenants Alex and Diego stand before Commodore Coburn.

After the two errant young officers brawled over a girl on the beach middle of a freezing blizzard (and continue to argue in the office) it is up to the Commodore to restore peace by burning a lesson into their bottoms with the slipper and strap.

Spanked Swimmer

Spanked Swimmer Featuring Raphael 

Raphael has been warned time and time again about his bad behaviour at the swimming pool and now it's time to teach him a lesson! 

So the coach decides to give him a good spanking. First over tracksuit bottoms

then swimming shorts

and finally bare bottom. 

Perhaps a good spanking will teach him to behave-not! 


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