Saturday, May 21, 2022


Just for once it looks like Matyas has done things right. He has showered on time and he has even cleaned the bathroom after he used it.

But when Teodor goes to run a bath for himself, there is no hot water left. Matyas has made a big mistake here.

He finds himself grabbing the basin and getting a walloping from a very unhappy Teodor.

The towel is soon out the way, revealing an excited Matyas, not sure if the look on his face is concentration as he tries to hold himself back or regret from using all the water.

Either way, he gets a good spanking and his ass is soon a great colour. It’s no wonder he beats a hasty retreat at the end of this session.

Bad Scouts : Gambling

Alex and Diego sneak off to do some gambling at a scout event.

Hector finds them at nearly 4 AM in the morning with a pile of money on a billiards table.

When sensible answers as to what is going on are not forthcoming, Hector quickly begins to spank the two errant scouts.


Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...