Saturday, June 4, 2022



Your pleasure is Jericho's desire. 

Jericho is online to fulfill all of your spanking desires and much much more. Check hom out on his page on stripchat.  

 Jericho's Spanking

Baby Boy Issac



Having decided to slack off for the afternoon, Luis tries his best to look innocent when he is woken up and told off.

All lads do this of course, even when they are caught out. It’s not long before he finds himself OTK getting a spanking.

His choice in underwear is not the best and they are soon off for a bare ass set.


But that’s not all, there is a second set to come.

Laying on his back legs up and everything on show, he gets a great humiliation spanking.

This is a no-holes-barred session and it’s no wonder he makes a fuss about it.

As a reward, he has a little soothing cream applied to his ass, even though he really does not deserve it.

Badminton Penalty

Oliver turns up at Yukisuke's office to discuss training in badminton.

Yukisuke has Oliver practice a few moves right in the office and the results are not good.

Yukisuke then takes to punishing Oliver

with a mix of spanking and humilation.



Seems a while since we saw Nick and you might be thinking he has seen the error of his ways, but nothing could be further from t...