Saturday, November 18, 2023

CJ Spanked in Baseball Gear


"CJ is a 24-year-old straight boy with an amazingly big, round, and firm butt. From the moment Tom laid eyes on CJ, he knew he wanted to get him in a baseball uniform. That happens today.

Tom likes the way kneeling on the couch shows off a boy in a baseball uniform. He tells CJ to kneel on the couch and spanks him. After a few swats with the rubber paddle/slapper (which CJ can feel quite well, even though the baseball pants and sliding pants he’s wearing), Tom proceeds to spank CJ by hand for an extended period of time. CJ wants to remain cool and collected, but his clenched fists and facial expressions show he just can’t accomplish that.

As the baseball uniform comes off, you’ll see CJ’s magnificent butt in various stages of undress, including framed by a jockstrap.

 It’s a beautiful sight

CJ Spanked in Baseball Gear

Spanking Straight Boys- C4S

Spanking Straight Boys 

Athlete  Punishments 

There is something that turns us on when it comes to spanking boys in a uniform, more to say a baseball, footfall wrestling singlets, etc... Is this something we always had in our minds as a child and never really acted on until we reached a mature level and thought on how to go through with it or on the other hand being spanked in these uniforms?  Either way, this example that Tom has put together so many times is amazing and greatly appreciated by us sadistic-minded people and/or submissive subs who yearn for this type of punishment. I was reading on Tom's Twitter where a reader was thanking him for planting the thought of being spanked in a baseball player uniform and then I thought, " This boy already had the thought of it, but when he saw Tom's post he knew he was not alone". CJ has a wonderful bottom that just yells out spank me especially when the pants come down and his see-through tights exposed his big bubble ass all the way to the naked body. This was another great video! 

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