Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Shy Boy

Perfect Begining

Stephan- Tighty Whitey Wednesday


Dimitri finds that he has to deal with Krystof as the lad is always up to something. 

He calls him in and gets him OTK for a well deserved spanking, they are always well deserved no matter what the lad says. 

Dimitri is not one to pull his swats and he soon has the lad squirming and complaining. 

Krystof looks good this time in black jeans, makes a change from his usual state of undress. 
He looks even better when they are down and he is in underwear, a nice choice of boxers. 

By the time these are down, his ass is looking great with that lovely rosy glow. 

Krystof has something to think about by the end of the session
and I wonder if he will behave from now on.

Caught Smoking! Featuring Earl

Earl has been discovered smoking around the back of the bike shed. Sir takes no time  dealing with this very naughty boy!  

Earl is pulled by his ear to a nearby chair where he is given a very sound spanking starting on shorts 

then underwear 

then bare bottom. 

Later that same day he is once again discovered smoking

and this time the headmaster has promised him the cane! 

Told to bend over the desk he gets 6 on shorts  6 on underwear 

and finally 6 bare bottom. 

Has he learnt his lesson? 

Only time will tell!  

Spanking Straight Boys: Caning Fletch

Fletch is a 24-year-old straight boy who loves to party and have fun. Today he’s back for his second spanking, which consists mainly of a caning.

Fletch is a happy country boy from a small town who just can’t quit smiling. He smiled, hooted and hollered through his first video. Tom decided that Fletch must take this spanking more seriously, so it consists mainly of a caning.

The cane gets Fletch’s attention and the smiles fade away as he learns that this spanking is about discipline and demands a proper demeanor.

Fletch really feels each stroke of the cane, even when his pants and underwear are still on.

once his ass is bare, the cane’s sting is undeniable.

Fletch won’t soon forget this spanking. 

Fletch Chase Vital Stats:
Age:  24
Fun Fact:  Says he was spanked daily and deserved it

Before coming to shoot with us, Fletch had never done an adult video or been touched by a man. That is not, however, to say that he hasn't been spanked before. He was spanked daily in his younger years, and, he says, he deserved those spankings. If anything, there should have been more!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Judicial Punishment

 Here we are again, followers and viewers. We have another fantastic example of judicial punishment that still thrives and survives through all the nonsense of  " No Spanking".

Just  as in the old times young men need to learn that disobedience not only to the parents but the community can and will cause you to have a stinging ass. 

Here these two boys have obviously committed a crime and was taken to the police station for a open ( public) caning.

I searched for more content on this video but I could not find any. 

I can guarantee that after this sound caning these boys won't be doing anymore misbehaving no time soon. 

Carter Outside

 Carter Outside Carter is a 24-year-old straight college student.  Tom wanted to put him in a somewhat exposed setting for this spanking.  M...