Sunday, June 12, 2022

“Fans of Hispanic Boys Spanking Meet up

 Come to Madrid on August 7 and participate in the Spanking lovers meeting on “Club The Ring Private" (Madrid)

Meet Álex and the regular Spanker in person. Watch or participate in a live Spanking session

Entry 15 euros. Is obligatory to register at the entrance and enter naked.

Organized by Spankchicosmalos and Bottom Lines Studios

Go with a red handkerchief to be recognized as a fan of spanking and thus get some spanking or be able to give them

Ven a Madrid el 7 de agosto y participa en el Encuentro de Amantes del Spanking gay hispano “Club The Ring Private" (Madrid)

Conoce a Álex y al Spanker habitual en persona. Mira o participa en una sesión de Nalgadas en vivo

Entrada 15 euros. Es obligatorio registrarse en la entrada y entrar desnudo.a

Organizado por Spankchicosmalos y Bottom Lines Studios

Ve con un pañuelo rojo para ser reconocido como fan de las nalgadas y así conseguir unas nalgadas o poder darlas

8月7日来马德里参加“Club The Ring Private”(马德里)的打屁股爱好者聚会

亲自与亚历克斯和普通的 Spanker 见面。 观看或参加现场打屁股课程

入场费 15 欧元。 必须在入口处注册并进入naked.a

由 Spankchicosmalos 和 Bottom Lines Studios 组织


Saturday, June 11, 2022


In this week’s second clip with Nick we see that things are starting to get to him. Finding himself OTK and getting a well deserved spanking, Nick is finding out that there is a lot more to a spanking than just a sore ass.

Looking good in black trousers and a shirt, he has that look of a brat trying to hide something, to no avail.

The choice of underwear we see when he drops his trousers, are enough to be spanked for wearing.

But what comes next is a surprise, he drops his underwear and his hard dick stands out.

Looks like the sessions are starting to work on this lad, we will have to keep the pace up and see where we take him.

For now, the bare ass spanking that ends the set is enough but the stage is set for something more from Nick.

Football Discipline : Jackson

Jackson is first up on the pitch to receive his punishment from Coach Joshua.


Meet Tyler


Tyler Smith

I meet Tyler on his page that he has been working on, with Strip Chat. Tyler is a young man that has a strong intrest in our world and Industry. 

Tyler is from Colombia 🇨🇴 and is trying to get established and gain some morals and respect for himself and others. 

We all know how we can set him on the right path, with an old fashioned over the ass whoppen..

On his site he states that he performs spanking action. He displays his little cute brown skin ass over the chair getting spanked by his buddy. 

Tune in, to his page.. He states that it will be the best spanking you ever seen.. 


Nick proved to be quite a hit and one request we had was for a paddling. So, he called in on his way back from work, he took a small job locally to stay around for the summer.

Wearing a shirt and black trousers, he looks quite smart. The paddle lands on the tight trousers with a nice thwack and starts the session off.

He has chosen these well and his small pert butt is shown off perfectly.

But it gets better as when he drops his trousers, he is wearing black briefs that look even better.

The paddle lands on these with regular swats and keeps the pace going.

Then a bare ass paddling,

Nick has that lovely tanned skin colour that gives him a glorious smooth little butt that cries out for a spanking.

This is a great paddling for Nick, and with some super camera angles as well.

Darren’s Pajama Spanking

Darren is a masculine, hung 24-year-old straight boy. Today, Tom puts him in a pair of pajamas and has him lie on a bed. Darren is in for a hard spanking by hand and with a paddle and belt.

Darren had mentioned that a previous spanking wasn’t the hardest he had had. He said it with a little too much bravado.

Tom wants to correct that. Tom starts loudly and abruptly, startling Darren.

From that point forward, Darren doesn’t know what to expect. His facial expressions and verbalizations throughout the spanking confirm it’s a hard one.

He finds the sting of the paddle particularly hard to take. Darren’s butt is deep red by the end.

There’s no talk of the spanking being anything but very hard. In fact, after the shoot, Darren said it was a 9.5 on the spanking Scale