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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Philip's First Ever Spanking


Philip is 27, straight, and has never been physically disciplined in his entire life. 

That changes today when Tom bends Philip over and spanks him by hand and with a leather slapper, leather strap, bamboo spatula, yardstick, PVC flog, martinet, and a wooden paddle. 

Tom also canes him. 

It’s a rough session for a young man who has never before been spanked.

 Philip struggles with the sting of the punishment but remains obedient.

Phillip's First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys

Friday, June 14, 2024

Hunter's First Spanking


This is Hunter’s first spanking video. We’ve already published a video in which Hunter is spanked, but that was his second spanking video. 

We published them out of order because, shortly before this video, Hunter had taken a shower and shaved his butt. 

He didn’t have a very hairy butt to begin with, but he decided to shave it with a blade razor, and that caused some red razor bumps to rise up on his butt. 

They looked bad, so we were going to see if we could correct that, but, in the end, the bumps just aren’t that bad, so we decided to publish this video now.

After a brief interview, Tom tells Hunter to get on the table and proceeds to spank him by hand and with two leather straps and a leather belt. 

Hunter has a hard time from the start. Halfway through the belt, Hunter’s butt is worn out, so Tom moves on to flogging his back and caning his feet. 

Hunter hangs on, but only barely. We’ve rarely seen a boy so ready for his spanking to be over and so anxious to leave!

Hunter's First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys

I must admit; it's always fun and interesting when we Domns get the chance to introduce the spanking world to newcomers. When the fire of the implements makes a burning sensation upon their cheeks, they all seem to have different reactions, and as a sadistic dad, we love to see it.  Tom has a way of dealing with newcomers, especially the boastful and prideful ones. 

Welcome Hunter! 

New Duds

 Josh is 22 now. Tom decided he’d look great in some stylish new clothes, so he took Josh shopping. 

Josh didn’t seem to like the clothes Tom was showing him, so Tom told him he could keep the receipt and exchange them for ones he liked if he ultimately decided they weren’t his style. 

After the shoot, Josh apparently returned the whole lot and got a refund!

Tom puts Josh over his knee for a hard spanking with a brush, a leather strap, and a leather slapper. Josh struggles throughout this spanking. 

He yells and grunts, kicks, and squirms. As always, he’s obedient and a very proper young man at the end of the shoot. 

These spankings reinforce Josh’s good upbringing."

New Duds 

Spanking Straight Boys 

And the beat goes on! 

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