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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Morning After


Cooper is an 18-year-old straight boy. Last night Tom punished Cooper for hanging around the type of young men who are constantly getting in trouble and who would, in turn, get Cooper in trouble (see our video, “The Wrong Crowd”). When Cooper woke up this morning, Tom told him last night’s spanking wasn’t enough, so he was getting another one.

Tom orders Cooper onto the bed and gives him a hard spanking with a leather slapper, leather belt, and a leather Argentinian gaucho whip.

It isn’t long before Cooper is choking back tears and telling Tom how much this spanking hurts and that he has learned his lesson about hanging around troublemakers.

The video ends with a remorseful Cooper looking at his butt, which is deep red. He says he has learned his lesson and won’t talk to the reprobate boy he knows anymore.

The Morning After

Spanking Straight Boys 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Josh Cuffed and Spanked

When Josh showed up for today’s spanking, he wasn’t expecting to be restrained. However, he’s been restrained before, so that wasn’t very unusual. What was unusual were the handcuffs and ball gag. Josh had a bit of a hard time with the gag. Maybe the ball was too big, or maybe it was being rendered completely helpless by the gag and the handcuffs (not to mention the leather belts) that got to him. You can see the strain on his face from the very start of the spanking.

Tom steps up and starts smacking Josh’s ass hard through his white briefs. He then uses a series of implements including a leather slapper, leather strap and two flogs.

Tom uses these on Josh’s feet, too. Josh had a harder time with this spanking than most.

Tom decided he needed to let Josh cool off at the end of the spanking, so he walked out of the room and turned off the lights, leaving Josh naked, tied up, handcuffed and gagged for 10 or 15 minutes. Josh didn’t question any of it. He knows better.

Josh Cuffed and Spanked

Spanking Straight Boys

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Alex’s First Spanking

Alex is a 19-year-old college student. This is his first adult video. He had not been spanked before this video. He is primarily straight, but told Tom that he has had one limited encounter with a guy after a night of partying.

Alex is an athlete and has the type of lean, defined body you would expect an athlete to have. He tells Tom he gets a lot of compliments on his face and eyes. There’s no doubt that Alex has a great face, great eyes and stylish hair. However, as you’ll see in this video, Alex’s butt is even better than his eyes and face.

This video begins with a brief interview during which Alex discusses a bit about himself and an incident of misbehavior in school that is the subject of this spanking.

Tom orders Alex over his knee and begins spanking him. Unlike most of the boys Tom has spanked, Alex did ask some questions before agreeing to a video. Regardless, like most of the boys, he still seems a bit surprised by the reality of being over a man’s knee.

Tom spanks Alex by hand and with a leather slapper, leather strap, leather belt and a wooden paddle. You’ll have to watch until the end to see the paddling and witness how Alex basically volunteers to be paddled after the spanking would have otherwise been finished. 

Although he seems a bit dazed by the experience, he handled the spanking well and remained polite and respectful throughout. We look forward to having him back for future spankings.

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Unappreciated Part 2

Greg was in a tight spot when he showed up for this spanking.

He had quit his job because he said he wasn’t appreciated and the work was dirty and hard. He has admirable aspirations to become a chef, but has not sought out any training or even worked as a cook. He is not working toward his goal.

Tom strapped Greg to the spanking bench for a hard session.

The first half of this video shows Greg’s happy demeanor fading.

Now you can watch it fade away under a hard session with the belt followed by a caning with some bastinado thrown in.

Lesson learned? Tom suspects not.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Hang Him High

Carter is a 23-year-old college boy with a lean, defined body that looks fantastic from head to toe. 

Today, Tom suspends Carter in a sling for a hard spanking. Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, leather strap, birch, plastic shoehorn and a belt on Carter’s tight, pale butt.

The sling puts Carter in a wonderful position. He’s helpless and completely exposed, ready for Tom to use him in any way Tom pleases. Carter leaves with a red, sore butt.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Levy’s First Spanking

Levy is a 23-year-old straight boy who is friends with our model Cooper.

Cooper told Levy about the spanking videos he’s done for us. Levy’s been out of work for a short time and decided he could handle a spanking.

Tom straps Levy to the table, handcuffs him and stuffs a ball gag in his mouth.

He then begins spanking Levy by hand and with a leather strap, flog and belt. Levy has a really hard time with this spanking.

It stings much more than Levy had anticipated. He can barely take it.

Tom had planned to spank Cooper and Levy at the same time. 

We’ll have to see if Levy decides to come back.

Spanking Straight Boys 

Levy’s First Spanking

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Quick And Easy


is a hot, hung and masculine 24-year-old straight boy. This was the first time Darren had been over a man’s knee for a spanking, and it was a surprise to him. Like most of the boys, Darren never asks for details in advance, so he goes in blind.

In the minutes after Darren left his last spanking (“Darren’s Pajama Spanking”),

Tom had gotten on a popular social media app and was very surprised to see Darren was also on the app and online. Neither Tom nor Darren had any idea the other used the app. Tom sent Darren a message in the app. Tom thought that Darren would look at Tom’s profile, see the mention of spanking in the profile, and know it was Tom.

Darren did look at Tom’s profile, and saw that it mentioned spanking, but he didn’t put two and two together. He thought Tom was some random person messaging him and said that it was quite a coincidence because he had just finished doing a spanking video! He also said that it was quick and easy cash. Then Darren realized it was Tom and said “I’m dead.” He realized immediately that it was a mistake to tell Tom his spanking had been quick and easy. Fast forward a few weeks to today and Darren has forgotten all about the message exchange on the app. Tom, however, has not forgotten.

Tom puts Darren over his knee and gives him a long, hard spanking. Tom spanks him by hand and with a leather strap and plastic shoehorn.

Darren struggles with this punishment. His butt is a deep red by the end of the spanking. It was anything but quick and easy.

Quick and Easy 

Cousin Curisoity

  Cousin Curiosity - Preview Video Mypunsihedboi