Saturday, June 22, 2024

Philip's First Ever Spanking


Philip is 27, straight, and has never been physically disciplined in his entire life. 

That changes today when Tom bends Philip over and spanks him by hand and with a leather slapper, leather strap, bamboo spatula, yardstick, PVC flog, martinet, and a wooden paddle. 

Tom also canes him. 

It’s a rough session for a young man who has never before been spanked.

 Philip struggles with the sting of the punishment but remains obedient.

Phillip's First Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Gaya Collection -


Gay A ICollection

Happy Saturday


Rudi Flogged


Well it didnt take long for Rudi to come back, so this time to step up the pace he is up for his first flogging. 

Smiling nervously he gets the martinet laid across the front of his body. 

he smirks and looks full of bravado until he gets a shot to the junk, that brings him down to earth quickly. 

Its a great first flogging for Rudi 


Friday, June 14, 2024

Noah First Time


This is one of those sessions that just happened.

 Noah came along to see and decided that he would try it out. 

So laying on the bench he gets his back flogged with the martinet. He is a cheerful smiley lad and even at the end, he manages a weak smile. 

It is a rough and ready clip as it was not planned but it has that something about it that makes it very real. 

Noah's First Time


I just love when things go off script! One of those moments that was not meant to happen, but did. I think those sessions are the best. 

Meno Over The Knee


It's time for Meno to be punished and in a change to his usual floggings, he finds himself going over the knee. 

He gets some good swats with the paddle and some with a heavy hand. 

The way he squirms around you just know he is feeling every single swat. 

A great session with Meno

Meno Over The Knee 


Discipline does Matter, Meno.  

Meno has been with us for a good little while now and his antics has not changed. Seemingly Meno needs a good dose of an old fashioned ass whoppen. Today, our boy Meno has reached the limit and had gotten a trip over the disciplanarian's knee. 

Meno be one of my favorites, but that does not exclude him from an old-fashioned spanking. This reminds me of when Gym-Boy had to take a trip across the knee. Meno will learn the discipline does matter and its just not the cane or birch that can do justice but the hand is mighty too. 

I admit and submit to the thought of Meno being a good boy at times, but when he smiles and his eyes squinch and he gives you that side look, you just know he is up to something. I can also see that Meno doesn't prefer to be spanked or beaten, so all his reactions are authentic and well felt, 

My brown sugar boy, Meno, you have a lot more coming to you  and I know that you know , that is true. Yes, my boy is tall and slinder with a cute little chest and thin thighs and thick boned hips, but a cute and adorable booty, ( as you will see the disciplanarian couldn't help but to keep gripping) with long legs and sexy little feet. Meno, Brown Sugar Boy is one who needs direct and firm discipline, When you all purchase this video, you will see at the end, from his own adorable lips; the need for discipline, because Discipline really does Matter. 

Happy One Year Anniverary, Meno! 

May 0f 2023 Meno made his first apperance of BBFC - Jason Caught

Philip's First Ever Spanking

  Philip is 27, straight, and has never been physically disciplined in his entire life.  That changes today when Tom bends Philip over and s...