Saturday, September 30, 2023

Disciplinary Action - Disorderly Conduct Dealt With


Steven gets him behind well and truly smacked and leathered for failing to listen and behaving in a disgraceful manner while away in Scotland.  

With his host exasperated it is decided that the only way to nip his behavior in the bud is to administer a good spanking and a dose of the tawse.  

Bare-bottomed and begging for forgiveness Steven learns that in the Highlands he is expected to be on his best behavior at all times.

Discipline Action

Because Discipline Matters


Our boy, Steven seems to have gotten himself into another stingy situation. We all know Steven always finds himself in a disorderly conduct situation. Steven's antics land him across the knees of a worthy disciplinarian who has to teach him a lesson. Over the years you would have thought Steven { Stephan} would have learned his lesson, but as a growing boy as he is; Steven has still a lot to learn. Log into Clips4Sale and check out this video as well as his butt-burning other videos from the present and past. His round and brown buttocks always need a good tanning. 

Caleb Hard Flogging


When I say flogged hard I mean with a hard dick. Looks like Caleb is into his flogging now and his enjoyment shows as his cock is rock hard as he undresses and gets ready. 

The flogging is hard and his back gets some good color very quickly. 

Caleb swings around and struggles a little as he is flogged so we know it's working.

 In the end, he is still so horny about the whole session he has to grab his cock and pull himself off. 

This is what we want to see, a lad enjoying the flogging that much. 

A splendid clip with Caleb

Caleb Hard Flogging


Felt too good, Caleb

Seems that Caleb enjoyed this session more than the disciplinarian. When you go and download or stream this video you will see great flogging and erupting! This is one of those " Must See" 

Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley



Not only has Ashley not been paying attention but he’s also been disruptive in the classroom. He is sent to the headmaster to be dealt with. 

The headmaster's favorite position is O.R.K. in other words over the raised knee! 

The headmaster's spanking starts on trousers then underwear then rapid fire on Ashley’s bare bottom!  

Ashley promises to behave and gets sent back to class.

 Later that same day he is sent back to the headmaster for more punishment but this time it's the slipper starting on trousers then underwear then bare. 

Once again at the end of the punishment, Ashley promises to be a good boy. 

Do we believe him? I don't think so! 

Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley 


I must say that John has a skill in finding those Big Botty Boys!  

I have watched John paddle and spank many boys over the years and I can't remember one of them that had small butts. I think John has a thing for big butts { Like us all}. Something about watching those big round butts, being spanked as they shake and jiggle, and some that would stand firm as the redness of those big beautiful butts begin to show.  

Sammy's First Ever Spanking


Sammy is 18 and bi. He’s a clean-cut young man who’s never been in any kind of real trouble. He hasn’t even gotten a traffic ticket. He’s also never been physically disciplined, so this is not only his first-ever adult video, but also his first-ever spanking.

This video begins with a few minutes of interview footage. Sammy is very nervous, shifting from foot to foot and stumbling over his answers. It’s mainly the camera that’s making him nervous. 

The paddles aren’t out yet.

Most of the boys are confused when Tom tells them to go over his knee, but Sammy is probably more confused than any of them. It takes quite a bit of instruction for him to realize what Tom is telling him to do. Once he’s over Tom’s knee, the spanking begins.

Sammy looks shell-shocked at first, but then he begins to look worried. 

When the rigid leather paddle comes out, Sammy tells Tom he’s scared.

 Sammy has a hard time with the spanking, and it goes on quite a bit longer than it would’ve if he hadn’t gotten confused at the end of the spanking.

 His confusion results in him having a very red, sore butt!"

Sammy's First Ever Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys


Tom has landed another great video with a cute twink teenager who feels that he needs some of Tom's attention. I love it when the boy starts out with a smile and ends up with a frown and a side of red-bottom blues. Tom has a way of getting to his boys and issuing a very effective spanking.  I have been a fan of Tom for many years and it is always a pleasure to upload his material to Discipline Matters. I am hoping to see more videos starring 


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