Thursday, February 29, 2024

Sagging in Pink


This week, Saggers-Art has displayed some great sagging art with the boys in pink. 

This is a great collection of boy booties in an awesome color that complements their beautiful skin tone. 

Go to Saggers-Art and check out the latest artwork 


Sunday, February 25, 2024

Saggers Art


Saggers Art

Aiden Wheelbarrow and Plugged


What an amazing session for Aiden, especially as he knows what's to come after seeing the butt plug.

  First wheelbarrow then a paddling while plugged. The wheelbarrow is a good way to get a lad into a stressful position and feeling uncomfortable. 

But it is just a warm-up before the main event which is being astride a fallen tree with

a butt plug was inserted and a good paddling was on top. 

His discomfort is clear and it's a session he will forget in a hurry.

British Boys Fetish Club- Spanking Library

Naughty - Boy Aiden

Aiden, Aiden, Aiden! This Lad has been showing the charismatics of a naughty boy as soon as he came out of his shell. It was only a matter of time before he showed us how naughty he could be. I also noticed that Aiden is starting to grow a thick bottom. In this scene, Aiden takes a good and hard paddling with the butt plug inside his cute butthole.  This scene is erotic and hot at the same time. 

I Love it! 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Late to Work - PT2


After getting into the bedroom after the initial spanking, 

Ted decided to take things a little further with Lil' Steve and ensure he learned the lesson of tardiness. 

Ted takes Lil Stevie across his knee as he begins to spank him on top of his blue jeans, setting the scene for a good old-fashioned spanking. 

While giving Stevie a good talking to, Ted raises Stevie up and takes down his jeans, revealing his cute little greenish-blue boxer briefs that fit his little bum very well. 

Ted begins to use the hairbrush on his cute and spankable bottom, 

but Ted has to get him a handful before punishing this lad. 

Ted gives Lil'Stevie something to think about during this session and Lil'Stevie will remember it for days to come. 

Ted then takes the belt to Stevie as he is lad across the chair exposing his remarkable, beautiful, athletic, spankable young buttocks, with a hint of plumpness and thickness of a booty. 

Let this be a lesson to all the readers, viewers, and followers. 

Being Early is on time and Being on time is being Late and being Late gets you a red and sore bottom!

Late to Work - PT2

Ted Bruise

Friday, February 23, 2024

The Bad Boys Gang


A whole lot of them are here today for a serious spanking, a wild bunch, and always up to something they are never far from being punished. 

One by one they get a good hard paddling with the heavy bat and then a caning. 

having to support themselves in a prone position really helps keep their muscles tight enough for the spanking to really sting. 

It is a great clip with all four of the lads together.

The Bad Boys Gang

The Bad Boys Gang


This was a great combination of the Bad Boys. We all know that these boys can always use a good dose of the paddle and cane, but this scene was even better when they were instructed to do push-ups with every swat. Yet, they were unable to rub their cute and spankable bottoms, because of how they were positioned. There is only one person who is missing from this scene, Meno could have used a dose of the paddle and cane with the bad boys gang. 

Sagging in Pink

  This week, Saggers-Art has displayed some great sagging art with the boys in pink.  This is a great collection of boy booties in an awesom...