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Friday, August 18, 2023

Cadet Caning Jackson

His performance on the training cruise was less than stellar,

first officer Sub-Lt. Jackson is next to be called to task.

 Cadet Caning Jackson

Bottom Line Studios

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Copyright 2 : Porn & Fernando


Like many young men, his age Fernando has the bad habit of downloading a lot of porn.

Unfortunately, much of it is copyright and Fernando's landlord has received notification of a copyright lawsuit...

Copyright 2: Porn & Fernando

Bottom Line Studios


I was wondering when BLS was going to bring Fernando back into the films.  Fernando has an amazing spankable bottom that looks to be made for spanking. I am not sure if he really does porn, but it is a good plot to deliver him a well-deserved spanking. 

BLS has raised the bar in these last past years in the male spanking industry and has become a favorite to thousands. When I first noticed them, I was searching for Asian Spanking Material for another blog I had  " The Art of Male Spanking" and I came across BLS which had the best Asian/Chinese/Japanese spankings on the net. I have blogged many of their videos and films, but never really talked to the owner personally, although I have spoken with Malos many times.  I hope to get one on one interview with him. 

I would really love to see more of Fernando and I am sure you all feel the same. 

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Cadet Caning Riley Cane & Paddle


After an almost hilariously incompetent first mission ends in the ship scraping the ocean floor, 

Lt. Riley is called to task by Commander Hector and Commodore Coburn.

거의 우스꽝스러울 정도로 무능한 첫 번째 임무가 배가 해저를 긁는 것으로 끝난 후, 
라일리 중위는 헥터 사령관과 코번 제독의 부름을 받습니다.


Après une première mission presque hilarante et incompétente se termine par le navire raclant le fond de l’océan, 
Le lieutenant Riley est rappelé à l’ordre par le commandant Hector et le commodore Coburn.

Bottom Line Studios

Years ago, I had come across bottom-line studios, through Twitter. I always fancied Asian, Chinese, and Japanese { Excuse me if I am referring wrong} Domestic Discipline. Starting with the older films that I would see on YouTube or on other blogs as a teen into adulthood. 

I always loved their style of handling things. 

Bottom Line Studios has become one of my favorite male spanking websites, so I was happy to add them to the spanking lineup on " Discipline Matters" 

Over the years they have added new models and one that we all know and love that has traveled to multiple spanking sites { Malos}. He has become a hot seat on many websites, along with the BLS spanking crew. I want to say that BLS is more fantasy spanking than real domestic discipline, but I have to rethink that because in some of the scenes you can tell the acting goes out the window and the real reaction from the spanking comes in strong. 

Be  sure to go and give them a good browsing, they have loads of achieves up to today!  

Great spanking material! 

Thursday, July 27, 2023

School Training Detention


Alex and Jackson were assigned detention by Hector. 

When they fail to show up to the office he tracks them down to the locker room where he dishes out a sound thrashing by hand and mini-birch. 

Yet perhaps there is more going on here than at first glance...

School Training Detention

Bottom Line Studios

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Cadet Caning Buzz Boys Double


Aiden and Eric's punishment continues. 

It's just about over when Eric decides to shove past Diego for his clothes...

Cadet Caning: Buzz Boys Double

Bottom Line Studios

Owen Belt and paddle

  Owen has turned up guilty and in need of a flogging.  So once he is stripped and restrained he gets the belt on the chest and belly.  This...