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Saturday, December 2, 2023



This was the first time Sven came to us. 

He came straight from college and was ready for a set with the cane, or at least he thought he was. 

The cane is laid on hard and even through his trousers he can really feel it. 

When he drops those

and gets the cane on the bare ass 

his legs start to tremble between strokes and the tears are soon flowing. 

This was a great debut for Sven 

and he became quite a regular.

Classic Film

Sven Cane

British Boys Fetish Club

British Boys Fetish Club- C4S

There is nothing like taking a trip down memory lane!  Be sure to grab up a membership so you also can take a trip down BBFC memory lane and see why they are legendary in many ways in the domestic discipline world and lifestyle. Here are a few links to more of Sven


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Koen crosses Rene


Koen has been caught trespassing, sneaking around the place when he shouldn't be. 

All he had to do was ask if he could come but no he decided to be clever and ignore the rules. 

So when Rene confronts him he has no choice but to strip off and bend over for a good hard caning. 

Rene is getting quite adept as a top and the welts he leaves on the lad's butt are proof of that. 

Koen might complain and rub his butt but the knows now not to break the rules. 

A great canning clip with these two lads.

Koen crosses Rene

British Boys Fetish Club

British Boys Fetish Club - C4S

Tables Turn with excitement

Rene has really stepped up to the plate as a disciplinarian in training and let's face it, we like to see lads spanking lads. 

Although Renee seems to be enjoying this moment more than usual. 

You will see Rene feeling on his penis and rubbing his chest as he canes Koen's Twinkie little bottom that has a great shape and nice bubble poke out, bending over or standing up. 

That bubble bottom was made for spanking and Rene has that in his mind as he gives him a great caning. 

Not taking anything away from Koen in this film, but Rene has stolen the show with horny body language and if you listen to him speak to Koen you will hear the remarks toward poor boy Koen.  

"A little fun, together"

Owen Belt and paddle

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