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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

BKB Bang N Detroit

BKB Bang N Detroit 

It seems to be that them hood boys in Detroit need some looking into. 

Just so happens that I was scrolling and came across this page on Twitter and I must say its a sight to see.

Would I would really would like to come across is a hood boy spanking page [ there's  an idea]. 

So many spankable asses just yearning to be spanked and spanked righteously is what they are displaying. 

Swing past Twitter and check them out... Something you won't regret.  

Saggers and Straps Reborn

Saggers and Straps Reborn 

More than a couple years ago, I owned a google+ page called Daddy's Playhouse. On that page I covered alot of spankable booty boys from saggers and straps. 

I was sitting back today and the name came across my mind so I decided to look them up and see how things were going.  

Happily I came across them on Facebook and they are doing better than ever. 

So many spankable boys from " Daddy's Hood" that is just asking to be spanked in more ways than one. 

Honestly,  I'm glad to that they are still moving and grooving, bending and sagging.. 

This page does not discriminate,  they have all size spankable booty boys.. and yet all so yearning to get there just deserve. 

When you log onto Facebook, stop pass

 " Saggers and Straps Reborn" 

It will be sight that has your mind going in all spanking category of ways.. 

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Big Booty Boys

 Big Booty Boys

I get it, boys with phatt asses love to show it off, the best way they know-how. Sagging has become the ultimate fad, for more than twenty years.  But we as spankers and fellow members of the spanking fraternity see this as an invitation to wear those big booty cheeks out every chance we get. 

Just imagine we all take a paddle where ever we go and have a chance to spank any saggar we see on the spot. There would be a lot of boys with their pants up on their waist...or would there be? 

I think some of them would love to be spanked, I mean hell, they are showing those cheeks off for more than just one reason? 

I admit, I spanked my boys who sag their pants and I must say, they enjoyed every bit of it, well maybe not all of it. 


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...