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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

18-year-old Cooper in the Spanking Tower.


Cooper is a hot 18-year-old straight boy. Today, Cooper gets a hard strapping in the spanking tower, and it’s almost more than he can handle.

The spanking tower is an unwelcome surprise, but not as unwelcome a surprise as is the leather strap.

Cooper has an extremely hard time with the strap.

He gasps and struggles under the sting of the strap, his eyes welling up with tears.

This strapping leaves him dazed, confused and obedient.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022


                           Greg Powell

We haven’t seen Greg in quite a while. It’s been long enough that we thought we might not see him again. Then he called Tom. He had quit his job and was broke.

Cut to Tom strapping Greg to the spanking bench. What follows is a hard spanking while  Tom questions Greg about his life choices. Greg is a happy and friendly boy, but his expectations regarding employment at his age with his current education and skills levels are unrealistic. 

Greg says he felt unappreciated and doesn’t want to do what he describes as dirty work. Tom believes that in a situation like this the spanking needs to be hard enough to get the boy’s attention and teach him a lesson.

Greg tries to maintain his composure, but that composure fades when the flog comes out. The flog stings and leaves its mark.

Greg needs to learn that earning a living is hard. Only a small percentage of people, especially young people, are fortunate enough to find work that is both easy and enjoyable

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Josh Young

Josh is a 19-year-old straight boy from a small town in the midwest.

He is a well-behaved, polite young man in almost every way. Tom believes stern discipline is the best way to maintain that good behavior.

Josh showed up late today without texting or calling. He knew this was not allowed and apologized as soon as he arrived. Tom accepted his apology, but, of course, that was not the end of the matter. Before today, Josh had never been caned. Now he gets one hard stroke of the cane for every minute he was late.

Tom straps Josh’s ankles and wrists to a spreader bar.

This means he’s bent all the way over, which is the perfect position for a caning. Josh really feels the sting of the cane.

His count gets very loud on the hardest strokes, and his eyes are damp and glossy at the end of the caning.

We’re betting he shows up on time for his next appointment

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Caning Fletch

Fletch is a 25-year-old straight country boy. He’s a good boy, but he isn’t always very responsible. Tom has decided that what Fletch needs most is hard, no-nonsense discipline. That’s what Fletch gets today in the form of a hard caning.

Midway through Fletch’s caning, Tom’s cane breaks, so he switches to a brand new device.

It is a very thin carbon fiber rod with a wooden handle. It doesn’t make much noise, but all you have to do is see Fletch’s reactions to know how much it stings.

Fletch has a hard time staying in position during this caning. He’s gasping, yelling, slipping and sliding throughout. Fletch is always very serious and somber at the end of his spankings.

We’re just not sure how long that lasts. 

Says he was spanked daily and deserved it

Before coming to shoot with us, Fletch had never done an adult video or been touched by a man. That is not, however, to say that he hasn't been spanked before. He was spanked daily in his younger years, and, he says, he deserved those spankings. If anything, there should have been more!

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Lack of Respect

Drake is back. When the cameras are off, Drake tends to be sullen. He is constantly texting and messaging on his phone (it is practically an appendage). However, if you can manage to interrupt his phone usage, most people would agree that Drake is engaging and funny.

One person who doesn’t think Drake is engaging and funny is the stylist who cut his hair about 45 minutes before this spanking. Tom had taken Drake to get his hair cut. He hadn’t noticed anything wrong until Drake walked up to the register. He was complaining loudly and repeatedly about the haircut he had gotten. He only wanted the stylist to trim 1/4” from his hair, and she apparently cut off around 1/2”. It was a very uncomfortable situation. 

Tom sent Drake to the car and apologized to and paid the stylist. Drake may have had a point. Perhaps the stylist had cut too much of his hair off. Regardless, his reaction was unseemly and completely disrespectful.

Creating a scene and embarrassing Tom publicly isn’t something you want to do right before Tom spanks you.

Tom puts Drake over his knee and gives him a hard spanking by hand and with a leather belt.

Drake does plenty of squirming, kicking, grunting and groaning as he tries to endure his punishment.

Tom’s pretty sure Drake won’t embarrass him again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Tony's Bed Spanking

Tony is a muscular 21 year old straight boy. His life centers around expensive clothes, partying, working out and sex (with women).

Tony has always laughed during his spankings. He tells Tom that his laughter is his involuntary, unavoidable response to pain. Tom tests that assertion today.

He has Tony lie on the bed and lets loose on him with a riding crop, strap, leather whip, flog, paddle and a leather belt.

Tony not only gets his ass whipped, but also his feet. Amid his smiling and laughter, he tells Tom to stop, but he never uses the safe word, so the spanking continues.

Tony’s butt gets redder and redder, and the laughter and smiles become fewer and further between.

In the end, the phone rings, and Tony laughs because he has been saved by the bell. Or has he?"

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Russell Spanked In Pajamas

Russell is back. He’s now 20 years old and looks better than ever with a new haircut and a leaner, more defined build. He’s doing well and taking care of the things in life he needs to be taking care of. He’s working hard and not partying. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t need spanking!

Tom has Russell put on white briefs and a nice, respectable set of pajamas.

 He then puts him over his knee for a hard spanking limited to his hand and a leather slapper. It’s a long, hard spanking that gets Russell’s butt bright red. Russell grunts, groans and grimaces while trying to smile.


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