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Friday, March 25, 2022

Mspank- Spanking Tube

 I always like to take notice of those who self-discipline themselves. 
They give no excuses for their misbehavior and they know that they need to be punished for the things that they have done. 
What I admire about them is even though there is no disciplinarian in arms reach, they began to go through the process of a good old-fashioned spanking. 
I do understand that this method does not work for everyone but there are a certain few that it does work for. 
I have had them many conversations with those who administer self-spankings to themselves and they tell me that it helps them stay focused and helps them answer for the antics that they have done, until their disciplinarian makes their appearance. 
There are many that tell me that it is more effective when they have someone giving them the order to do a self-spanking session. Not only is it more effective when they are ordered to do this but also it is more effective when they are told how to do it and when to do it and what implements to use. 
Being a person that has done many Skype sessions and other forums with my boys, I noticed it's more effective when the disciplinarian is there in camera or have written instructions for them to follow. 

But we all know that it is more effective when it is in person with the boy across your knee giving him exactly what he needs. 
Today we are looking at someone that I have seen on spanking  Tube. 


By reading the descriptions in his videos I realized that he is a person that fits into the description that I just gave above. 

He gives a great example of self-discipline and administer's great self-spanking sessions. 

You can plan to see in his videos that it is not something that he really does not  wants to do get us something that he has to do for himself, but I also must ask if he is administering the self-spanking by the instruction of someone else? 

I have not ventured through all of his videos on his spanking tube profile, but from what I can see, he is a great example of a disciplined young man that knows when he needs a good spanking.

Lifelong spanko with exhibitionist tendencies. I've had a long habit of recording and photographing my own self-spankings. I had to cancel my previous account for privacy reasons but am back. I really want to find a spanking partner who can help me make my fantasy a reality.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Daddys Hand

Spanking Explosion Pt 1

Excerpt 1 from the full video depicts the initial warm up swats and hot undies pull down. This boy will be over my knee for a while watch progress through this maintenance spanking as he turns red and begins to yelp.

Spanking Explosion Pt 2

With his undies around his knees, it's time to work on his taint and sit spots.The warmup swats now give way to impressive impact waves rippling through his tight, quivering buttocks. It's time for the light flail to but some red on his bottom.

Spanking Explosion Pt 3

With the spanking well under way, I begin to open his pussy for breeding after his whipping. Watch up close as I spread his tender red cheeks and expose his tight, pink hole.

Fetch the Crop

The completion of the previous upload. I sent the boy to fetch the crop and paddle. Back over the knee, watch as I spread his cakes and swat his sit spot.

Less Music, More Yelping

In response to viewer feedback, this sunrise spanking which begins upright and moves to OTK. This excerpt from a long sessions involving crop and strap, show

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Anger Management Lesson

 Jake is always angry, and aggressive with people around him. It's time for him to realize there are consequences for being a dick to people. 

This spank hurt, you can kinda tell by my reactions.

Jake seems to always end up over his Daddy's knee and for good reason.

Hopefully, he learns to straighten his attitude, but we all know he struggles with his attitude. 

Maybe a daily attitude adjustment will do him some good, even when he moves out.

Jake is the type that a red swollen bottom is the only way to get through to him. 

Friday, September 17, 2021

Belting Over the Couch

 Another fantastic video from Daddy. 

Daddy is making sure that his boy is well disciplined and maintained.

A good belting is what a boy needs to keep him and in line and out of harm's way during his day to day activities. 

As you can see from this clip and all the others, Daddy plays no games when it comes to real domestic discipline.

Be sure to stop past and check out all the wonderful films of complete domestic discipline. 

You will not regret it.. 

Big Butt Latino Boy Belted


Friday, September 10, 2021

Long discipline spank


Jake steals some cash from his step father's wallet. 

After stealing many things from his parents, they are at their wits end and Jake is given the hardest, longest most painful over the knee spank of his life. 

This video was a monster to put together, I try to include my full face during the whole thing showing my reactions. 

There is very little dialogue from WoodyPaddle, just a long paced hard spanking.

Pieter in Need

  Pieter in Need Pieter turned up today because he needs some cash and he thinks this is the way to get it.  As he has been paddled the last...