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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Daddy Renaldo.

Good morning, viewers, followers and readers. Today we have the pleasure of having a conversation with Diego Renaldo. Diego is a super and well-experienced domestic disciplinarian aka Dad. 


I first noticed you on South Spanking (, you have a style that most domestic disciplinarians have, which is stern, firm, and direct. 


Well, as my online monikers Firmhanded Dad & Firmhanded Daddy indicate, my most natural role in spankings is something akin to a Dad from a 1950’s or 1960’s TV show – strict and stern when need be, ready to give you the bare bottom discipline you deserve (which might be hard but never brutal), and most often the spankings are followed up with a dose of manly affection, such as good long tight hug or even a bit of cuddling.  I suppose the fact that I am 6’5”, masculine, and have stayed fit and active helps.  In any case, for a lot of young men (but not all by any means) I have the authoritative, stern but affectionate demeanor  they are looking for. 

I know you have been asked this question before, but how long have you been disciplining boys? 


For a very long time!  I started spanking other boys when I was in 7th and 8th grades (so around ages 13-14).  Some of these were birthday spankings (very common when I growing up), some were Boy Scout initiations, sometimes the spankings were for losing at games such as poker (since we didn’t have any money to bet, we would come up with crazy things that the loser would have to do), and sometimes just on dares or bets --- instead of “I’ll bet you ten bucks I’m right and you’re wrong,” I’d say, “Whoever’s wrong gets spanked ten times … bareass!” Of course, I’d make damn sure that I was right before saying that! LOL


By the time I’d finished high school I’d give over a dozen bare butt spankings and, basically, I’ve never stopped.


For a long time, I had no idea that there were other guys into spanking.  This was all pre-internet of course, and the closest thing I saw in gay magazines and in the gay community when I was first coming out were leather bars, and I was very clear that that was not what I was looking for.  

As far as I was concerned, spanking was my own, very secret, turn-on … I’d give a guy I was going out with a few smacks now and then, but never openly said that I was into spanking.  And the only times I got to put a guy over my knee in those days was for birthday spankings, especially of guys I was dating.  But I never shared how much those spankings excited me.


And then suddenly the first gay spanking videos and publications appeared --- Studio-7, Man’s Hand, Control-T, Red Tails, etc.  Wow! that was AMAZING!!  I started placing personal ads, first as a ‘Big Bro’ seeking a ‘Lil Bro,’ then, as I got older, as ‘Firmhanded Dad.’  In gay publications you could talk about spanking, but in other personal ads you’d have to be more circumspect, something like this:


Are you looking for a strong pair of arms to crawl into at night?  A Big Bro to cuddle and caress you?  Tickle, tease and wrestle you? And every now and then turn you over his knee?


Then once the Internet arrived, it all became incredibly easy!  Which has led to my spanking profiles and archives on Spankthishookups (firmhandeddaddy) and Southspanking (firmhandeddad). 

I have seen in some of your pics that you spank all men and I respect that, I did an article on Equal Opportunity Spanking not too long ago. If you have read it, what are your thoughts on that? 


I am not sure why, perhaps because I have lived so many years of my life outside the US, but I have been attracted to guys of every skin color, height, and ethnicity.  The last time I counted I had spanked boys from over two dozen countries and they have ranged from 5’2” to 6’9” and every skin color you can imagine.  But it’s not that I spank all comers.  I may be sort of an oddball in this, but I have to feel some chemistry, some attraction, and, unlike some Doms I know, I need to get a sense of a guy’s personality, his fantasies, what type of spanking turns him on, etc.  I have on occasion given a straightforward, almost anonymous spankings (such as at spanking parties), but that just feels mechanical, and I usually end up feeling unsatisfied.


I would much rather chat, text, or talk – sometimes for weeks and months --- to get a sense of what a particular boy needs, and then I try to tailor each spanking to his fantasies.  Here’s a quick example:  Some guys like to be told they’ve been a ‘naughty little boy’ and are going to get spanked on their ‘bare bottom’ – other guys want to be treated their real age and told they’re gonna get their ass whupped – and other guys want something approaching prison discipline.  It’s easy to ruin a session by using the wrong phrases and tone, such as telling the guy who’s looking for a prison strapping that he’s a naughty little boy!  LOL 

So, for me, part of the fascination and pleasure of spanking guys of different physical types and from different cultures has been exploring what spanking is for them, what needs it fulfills, what pleasure it gives.  That probably all sounds a bit too cerebral, but that’s what I’m into!

I know I asked you this prior to your interview, but, again, you don't have a website or a male spanking business, but your skill is outstanding!  Have you ever thought about starting one or the other? 


To be honest, I’d never have the time to do something like that. My work keeps me very busy, and for many years up until the pandemic I did a lot of international travel for work, which is why I have met and spanked guys from so many different countries.  In some ways my profile on Spankthishookups is almost as good as having a website and I don’t have to maintain it!  I’ve posted photos from over 120 spanking sessions there with nearly 100 different boys and I’ve added captions that tell the story of that boy and why and how he got spanked and punished (sometimes including cornertime, writing lines, mouth soaping, etc.). 

 Only about one-third of the boys I spank want to take pics and have them posted, and the photos I’ve posted are just from the last ten years or so, which gives you a sense of how many spankings I give on a regular basis.


I’ve posted most of those photos and stories on both Southspanking and SThookups, but there’s a difference.  It is much easier to navigate the album structure on ST and it’s nice that the captions pop up when you roll your cursor over the pics, but the captions have to be short and for some reason the site does not display the photos in order, so I have started numbering the photos when I post them. 

 On the other hand, Southspanking does not limit the size of the captions, so I am able to give the story of that spanking in full detail, but it is harder to navigate through the old posts.


How can the readers, followers and viewers find you and enjoy your work? 


As I have just described, I am Firmhandeddaddy on Spankthishookups and Firmhanded Dad on Southspanking.  I also post spanking fiction on the Male-Male Spanking Archive (MMSA), which is as Firmhand (one word – there is another author who uses Firm Hand two words).


Recently I have had some fun linking the stories with the photos, because a number of my spanking stories are slightly fictionalized accounts of real spankings I have given.  For example, the photo album “Danny” in my STHookups profile contains the photos from the session that my story “Danny” is based on in the MMSA.


Do you have any favorite production/ Studios, Spankers or spankees? 


I suppose over time I have most enjoyed Sting Productions, but I also appreciate most of the other studios as well – back in the old days, Studio-7, Control-T, and Man’s Hand, and in more recent years Sting, Spanking Central, Spankzilla, Reluctant Young Men, SpankingStraightBoys, StraightLadsSpanked, British Boys Fetish Club, and some of the Discipline4Boys (some are too brutal for my taste).


Favorite spankers and spankees would probably include Mark’s videos with Darren, classic Sting videos featuring David, Barry, Tigger, and Ritchie, and Taylor from SLS.  There are a lot more of course, but it would a long time to list them all!


Finally, what advice would you give to any new comers into the industry or the spanking world?


Since I’m not involved in any commercial enterprises, I don’t have any advice for the industry, but I would encourage everyone to continue exploring and creating spanking diversity – whether that be in the different models they use or the different scenarios. 


For newcomers to the world of spanking, I always advise being cautious in your first adventures – talk to the Dom/Dad, try to figure out if you can trust him, ALWAYS ask for a safeword, and try to be clear with him about what intensity you want.  The more you communicate with the Dom/Dad, the more likely it is that you will get the kind of spanking you want/need/crave.


Oh yes! What can we expect to see from you in the future?


Well, now that folks are vaccinated, I have been very busy trying to give my regular boys the spankings they need (some of whom I have been spanking for years now), and of course I look forward to when international travel becomes easier and I can continue to explore spanking in various cultures of the world!  So, more of the same I guess – pics and stories of hot boys and young men getting the bare bottom (or bareass) discipline they crave… and deserve!


Thanks Daddy Renaldo....  It has definitely been a pleasure and honor to have this moment with you. 


You are always welcome here at Discipline Matters. I hope you will keep us updated on all of your spanking ventures. 

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