Friday, July 16, 2021

Spanking Saggers

 If anyone has a mind like me, when you see boys sagging it sends a message to my mind. 

Obviously these boys are in need of a good old-fashioned ass whoppen. 


Make sure to keep your pants up around Daddy, because you showing your ass off is a good way to get spanked 

CP4Men: I Must Behave – Featuring Oliver


Oliver has been sent to the headmasters’ study for bad behavior and it’s not the first time!

Sir has decided to make an example of him by putting him across his knee

and to spank his bottom. 

For Oliver, it's very humiliating but knows he deserves it and is prepared for getting a sore bottom!

Act Your Age 2 (Part 2)


In part one we saw Liam O’Neil (Tom Malone) get himself into trouble with his Housemaster.


In the end, he was given a note to take home. 

 Now in part 2, he faces a new problem, what the reaction will be to his daft prank.

 There have been too many notes from college this year and it may not turn out so well this time.

His assumption was correct.

This latest escapade is the last straw, action at home will now be taken.

It looks like another good spanking

but first, a session to warm up with the stinging rubber flip-flop!

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