Thursday, July 22, 2021

Grey Shorts- Asian Boy

An Asian lad goes OTK for a sound bare bottom spanking in another scene from the brilliant Grey Shorts

" What can I say about "Grey Shorts. This was one of the first lengthy videos I ever seen. Speaking of that I haven't seen non of the newer productions make any full movie type of films, anymore. Most of them are only 10- 15 minutes long. 

I do recall talking to one of the production managers for a spanking production and they told me that if they cut them down they can make more money. 

Personally  I'd rather purchase a full movie than three half's. But I guess that's just me. 

Back to this sexy, spankable Asian boy, I'm not clear on what his name is. Does anyone know? . 

I haven't seen to much of him , just in this one film. But I'm sure Sting Picture has him in others, we haven't seen yet. 

Just David

Being both cheeky and handsome at the same time, David gained a huge following during his time with Sting Pictures. From first performance in ‘Sting Double Bill’ to his last performance in ‘Banged Up My Borstal Days 2’. David certainly made his mark in the spanking world!
Just David: Another in the series of compilation videos from Sting, focusing on popular actors from Sting’s early days. This time it’s just David,

a South London lad with a bottom made for spanking, and the ability to take a lot of punishment.

This feature length video includes a large number of Davd's many scenes from Sting Movies.

In these we see a bare bottom David getting hand spanked OTK,





and belted,

as well as being spanked with a razor strap

a rubber soled gym shoe

and a French Martinet, and shedding the odd tear along the way.
David has long been one of Sting’s most popular stars, and in this compilation you will see why.

" David has been one of the greatest spanking models to ever "Hit" the screen.
I know many of you have seen this post on many platforms and blogs all over the net.
David being one of my favorites I wanted to make sure that I gave him his due respect.
  David has been in many films with different productions, but if I'm right Feel the Sting was the first.
David has been spanked by the best administrators of implements for many years, I think the last one he did was with Cp4, which was am awesom film.
I would love to get an interview with him and Barry and alot of other spanking models from this production. 
There is so much I can say about David, but I know you already heard it. 

But, I really like to know who David really is, besides his cute face and his Spankable , Gorgeous, Ass..

 I want to know and I know you do too, who is he behind all that.
But until then I guess we will have to go off of what we know about him. 

Deviant Art

I was searching the web to find some spanking art and came across this Website called Deviant Art. 

There are many great artist here, that I never heard of, so I figured it's time to put them out there so they can get the recognition that they deserve.

I noticed that there are alot of wedgie type of drawings and that's fine, figure when a boy is wedged there buns are hanging out and the smacking begins.

There is something about drawings that make your imagination run wild. It makes you make up your own storyline in your head. 

This site actually has some story lines to go along with some of their work, which is awesome. 

I like the way that the artist gets in your head, well I guess that's the point. Many great artist that I came across always told me that's the key of successful drawings. 

So, while your searching through and trying to find so great art work and cartoons. Stop pass this website and I bet you will find what you're looking for. 


More artist inside... 

" If there is any artist that wants to be featured please email me with description and drawings"


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