Tuesday, July 27, 2021

CPMan Review

Happy Tuesday, Everyone.

Today, I wan to look at a website I never seen before. I was introduced to this website by an anonymous person that I don't have the liberty to disclose. 

But! However I have gotten permission from this anonymous person to feature some of the videos and pictures. 

I always like to get permission from others before posting any of their work or links to thier page or website. I'm not the one who enjoys getting a bare ass blistering for not following protocol. Which, I know many who would enjoy seeing that. 

I have ventured through this wonderful website and I must say " I'm very impressed". 

The theme of " Male/Male Corporal Punishment" is exactly what it is. Some websites say that they are CP but somehow intertwine sex into it. Which in my eyesite, it is a totally different thing than corporal punishment. 

I am a fan and a subscriber to corporal punishment. I believe the world would be a better place if corporal / judicial punishment was in play. 

Even though, I know with some of my antics I would be subject to receiving such treatment. Knowing this, it would have kept me on the straight and narrow. 

This website has a section for artwork

and even great stories. 

I'm honored to have the opportunity to promote CpMan

I have been talking with him for a couple of days now and is experience in the domestic discipline/ spanking world is extraordinaire. 

Maybe one day I'll have the  opportunity to have him across my knee for a very hard and long session. 

Stop past and get involved in this spectacular website. I will be posting normally on his s updates. 


This should be a peaceful afternoon, Viktor being good and just reading a book. Teodor also catching up on his reading.

But Viktor has a bag of chips and the constant rustle of the bag really gets to Teodor.

He puts up with it as long as he can, but really when a lad is being that inconsiderate, there is only one way this is going to end.

Before long, Viktor finds himself OTK and getting a paddling.

It would be a lot easier if he took a moment and thought of others, but we all know that lads dont think like that.

Teodor gives him the paddling he needs

and sends him out the room, a return to peace and quiet – but for how long with Viktor around.

" Another great description of boy that is being disrespectful and is actually calling out for disciplinary attention. 

It's not odd or strange that boys of any age come to this point. As you can see with young Viktor  that he is expressing the need for Teodor to discipline his well shaped and plump bottom. 
Even though, Viktor is displaying rudeness and disrespect. You can tell by his body language that this is done intentionally. 
Tender gives the boy exactly what he needs and indirectly or directly wants."

Come on in and begin to explore the domestic discipline lifestyle and much much more. Click here to join in. 

If you're not a membership person, click here to get the videos on Clips4sale. 
Either way, don't miss out. You will spank yourself if you did. 


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...