Friday, July 30, 2021

Dorm Spank

Its 10 AM in the morning and Yukisuke is surprised to find three students are only now just leaving the dormitory.
Before they can escape

however, he gives three errant dorm mates a sound lesson,

made worse by student Spring's insistence on getting the last word in.

WorkShy 3

Another new apprentice is about to start out but it doesn’t look like he’ll be much different to the last one.
He learned his lesson the hard way! This new lad (Ryan Conway) seems to have the same ideas about working on the job!

Left alone he’s soon off to do other things. The boss won’t miss him for half an hour and he can catch up before he gets back.
Like all plans made by otherwise idle boys he’s going to come unstuck.

Caught by the boss relaxing in the park he’s hauled back to the site.

Now the on the job training really kicks in Marco style.

That piece of long flat timber looks like just the thing to get started.

Of course a good spanking on the lad’s firm rounded bare butt
at the end will give him a warm welcome to the job and the duties he’s expected to do!

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Title 2257

No Way Out- Adam

Meet one of our many guys - Adam.  Adam is a 19 year-old gym instructor and he came to us with no experience of taking spanking / punishment.

In Adam's first video, I introduced him to what we do here at No Way Out with my hand, a leather paddle and my belt.  It was the first time he'd stripped off on camera and his first time spanked.  His reactions showed a lot of promise.  This video was categorized as 'hard'

In Adam's second video, I introduced him to harder punishment and his first taste of bondage which resulted in a much more challenging experience.  He had never been tied over a punishment bench, his bare ass on display and open to the belt.  Again, he suffered amazingly.  This video was categorized as 'very hard'

In Adam's third video, I introduced him to harder punishment and a more challenging bondage scenario.  I also heaped on more intensity.  The gym trainer is being trained himself!

In Adam's fourth video, I increased the physical challenge and the CP while at the same time putting Adam in the most humiliating position that I could, on all-fours, where there is nowhere to hide.  His challenge was to remain still while he took his punishment.

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