Sunday, August 1, 2021

Spanked Slippered & Belted! Featuring Brandon

Brandon is waiting for his step-dad to come home and is fulling expecting a spanking when he gets in. 

He gets tired of waiting so decides to go to bed. First though he takes a shower
and gets changed into his pyjamas-I mean he’s not going to get spanked me once Ive gone to bed is he-wrong!  

No sooner has Brandon got into bed his step-dad appears. 

Brandon is soon over his lap getting a good hand spanking on his pyjamas. 

It’s not long before he’s getting it bare bottom.  He’s been very bad so it’s the turn of the slipper to instal some discipline. 

To finish Brandon gets 20 with the belt

after which he is ordered back to bed-bad boy! 

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