Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lil Nas X

 A new musical sensation has hit the stage and very well has taken over. 

With his magnificent body and boyish looks, it is no doubt that all the spankers out there are thinking of having this young man across their knee. 

Seemingly he has no problem showing off his beautiful assets. 

Though, he is a little skinny guy but yet, his spankable bottom is ripe. 

His latest video goes deep with showing off many spankable butts. 

I have searched the net looking for his nude bottom but seemingly, there is none as of yet. 

I will definitely keep a lookout for those cheeks. 

One of his videos where he is lap dancing with the devil and gets into a wheelbarrow position, had my mind going. 

Yes, my fellow spankers! I would have lit that dark chocolate ass up... 

Looking at his videos, he seems to have some interest in the spanking world, with some of the positions he portrays, but it might be, just me. 

Either way, my spankos, we will see more of him, most definitely.

He has been getting a lot of beef because of the video and some of the songs he has been putting out, but truthfully speaking, I think that expressing himself is fine. 

And one other thing that I respect about this young man is that he is not ashamed of who he is he does not hide behind a curtain or a steel wall, without a dought, he embraces who he is

Now, if we can just see some spanking action from him, it would be off the spanking charts. 

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