Friday, August 6, 2021

19 yo Jonathan - first adult spanking

Jonathan is 19 yo, he is a friend of Yohan.
Like him, he has been spanked and belted by his parents till the end of his adolescence.
He found it fun to revive this experience. In addition,

he feels that he needs discipline in his life.
Very short clip - traditional otk spanking - No faces shown in this video.

20 yo Jean - First spanking

Jean is a 20 year old gay boy who got some light spanking during his childhood.

Since then, he has developed the fantasy of being punished.

He wanted to try it, he got what he wanted.

As sometimes, reality is harsher than fantasy. Jean got a traditional otk spanking,followed by some swats with the martinet and 6 of the best with the cane. No faces are shown in this video.

18 yo David second spanking - The Brush

David is 18 yeays old , he has been spanked by his stepdad during his childhood and wanted to feel again
the sensation of slaps on his bare ass.

In confidence after his first adult spanking,

he wanted to try a real hard spanking. He wanted it, he got it :

hairbrush and bathbrush on his bare ass. 

Despite his stoicism, he felt it for few days.

No faces shown in this video. OTK traditional spanking - Hair brush - bath brush - sore bottom.

19 yo Yohan - ass whooping

Yohan is 19 yo, he has been belted by his parents when he misbehaved till the age of 16.
He thinks spanking can still be helpfull for him to improve and has already been spanked few times as an adult.

He didn't respect one of his comitment and agreed that he deserved a punishment. 

He will get an ass whooping, like in his old times.
Traditional belting - no faces shown - real punishment - nice reactions of the spankee.

Yanis Bear arab - spanking and caning


Yanis is a 23 yo arrogant guy who needs to be put back in place. 

He has never been punished so far.

He receives a traditional OTK spanking and a short caning - no faces were shown in this video.


Dorm Duo - MIA

Allen is suppose to be in the dorm studying, but Mickey can find no sign of him when sent to get him.

When he finally does turn up later,

Allen is treated to a dose of the hand, strap and paddle.

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