Saturday, August 7, 2021

Saturday Spankable



Happy Saturday, everyone, I hope that everyone is having a spanking good time and I do mean that literally. 

This morning, I stopped past CPMan's website to check out the latest updates and noticed that he has not updated his site in a couple of weeks. 

We all know what he is itching for. Yes, a good old-fashioned ass whoppen.

Im not going to go on and on about how much I like his site, because I did that when I first introduced him to the viewers and followers here, but he definitely has a lot to explore. 

These two videos have not much commentary to them, all I can say is that they both must have been very naughty boys. 

I will leave you with this vintage video " Policeman Andy" I would say " I hope you enjoy" but I already know you will. 


Just to show how lads never learn from their mistakes,

Viktor is in the bathroom again and taking as long as he wants, not a thought for anyone else in the house.

When that other person is Teodor, it is a very unwise thing to do.
So, when he eventually emerges from his beauty session,

he finds himself unceremoniously OTK and getting a walloping.

To start things off he gets some on the towel, which is all he is wearing,

then on the bare ass.

Viktor shows on his face that he feels not only wrongly spanked but that the spanking is working, a great mixture.
When he heads off at the end you have to ask did he learn this time?


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