Friday, August 13, 2021


Angel has been a bad boy and the master has decided to teach him a special and extremely hard lesson, training him in the process to endure the pain of punishment.

Angel is spanked with the hard wooden hairbrush on his buttocks and rear of his thighs,

an extremely sensitive place, and in fact the boy immediately notices how much more painful it is there than on his buttocks.

Its requiring much more effort on his part to bear this just and well-deserved punishment.

Angel’s thighs continue to endure an onslaught of punishment, both front and back.

His thighs take a pummeling from several different instruments and the master’s hands delivered in an array of positions and end up along with his ass becoming quite red and sore.

The whole ordeal puts tremendous strain on the boy's stamina.

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Jake Spanked for laziness

Jake's parents have asked him to watch over their home while they are on vacation.
He trashes the house and has parties every night.
When they return early and discover hung over Jake on the couch sleeping,

he is taken over knee and taught a valuable lesson.

Jake pawns some family jewelry

Jake has lost his job and is short of cash.
He lives with his family for nothing and decides to take some of their jewelry to the pawn shop.
When this is discovered, he is taken over knee and taught a lesson.

Jake, a masculine, confident, rebellious grown man with an attitude and a tendency to challenge authority as much as he can is spanked into submission by various stronger men and taught a valuable lesson about respect and responsibility.

Spanking Straight Boys: Car Maintenance

Josh is a 20-year-old straight boy. In almost every way, he is a very nice and responsible young man. He does, however, have one ongoing problem. He does not take care of the cars his parents have provided to him.

Josh thought about flying in for today’s shoot, but, much to Tom’s delight, he chose to drive in. In a previous spanking, Tom had punished Josh for keeping his parents’ car filthy. Tom knew Josh would show up again with a filthy car, and he was right.

Tom has Josh clean his car inside and out and points out several things that need attention (a ragged wiper blade, a tail light that’s burned out, and under-inflated tires). 

It becomes readily apparent that Josh knows next to nothing about cars, and really doesn’t care if his car is filthy and cluttered. He needs to be taught a lesson, and Tom is happy to teach it.

Tom spanks Josh by hand and with a leather belt. He also gives him a hard caning that leaves Josh stomping his feet and nearly brings him to tears.

 It’s a hard lesson, but Josh needs to learn that a car must be maintained to be safe. 

He might never keep his car clean, but at least now he knows that there are some things on a car that must be checked and maintained for safety’s sake.


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