Monday, August 16, 2021

Landlord Spank Double

After dealing with Alex, Mr. Palaiologos turns his attention to Aiden,

though it isn't long before he has both errant boys side by side for punishment.

First spanking

This was the first spanking this young man received from me. He is good, but needs tough love at times. He took a good spanking over my knee with the praise that if there is to be another one, it will be worse. He learned a good lesson

 I have been following this disciplinarian for a good while now and I must say that I love his domestic style. 

His style is authentic and real. I don't know if I'm the only one who noticed but the way he uses his hand is amazing. 

He curves his hand and makes sure the palm strikes the cheek with the just right amount of strength.

I wanted to take the time out, to share this wonderful disciplinarian with you all, but you can definitely catch him spankingtube.

There is so much I can say about this disciplinarian. His style and skill is phenomenal! 

Stop Thief!

Stop Thief is the first movie by Sting’s new South African film crew in training. Basically, it’s the story of young gardener Pieter (Riaan de Bruin) who feels he’s not getting paid enough and decides to pilfer some goods from the house. 


Things come to a head when he is caught by his employer Martin. Told in a letter to a friend Marin describes what happened and how he dealt with Pieter.

The first event was not actually theft but Pieter not getting on with his work and smoking weed near the neighbor’s property. This would be very frowned upon and he has been told many times before. 

Martin decides that if Pieter doesn’t want to lose his job then he’ll have to take a good caning.

Bent over the armchair Pieter winces and yelps as the heavy rattan cuts painfully into his backside. His pants are still up but when they come down, as they will surely do, he’s really going to feel it.

Now sent to stand in the corner to think about what he’s been up to Pieter spies Martin’s wallet left on the side. Martin has gone upstairs to change and seizing his chance Pieter swipes some cash from the wallet.

Unfortunately, Martin quickly spots what has been going on and young Pieter is back over the chair to finish the caning session good and proper. Pieter’s bare backside is scorching, the burning stripes of the rattan raising painful welts on the young lad’s defenseless bottom.

A few days later thinking Martin has gone out Pieter try’s again to pilfer some goods. 

His luck definitely isn’t in and he’s caught red-handed.

This time a good hard, over-the-knee, bare-bottom spanking is laid on and the original cane stripes, not quite eased away, are brought back to life.

Spanking is fine to start with but now bent over a chair it's Martins's thick leather belt that’s laying on the raw discipline. Cracking into Pieter’s freshly spanked bare bottom, the leather licking painfully into the lad’s burning and reddened cheeks, Martin lectures the boy soundly that thieving has really got to stop!

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