Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Dorm Duo MIA Continued

                His punishment finished, 

Allen is supposed to get on with studying. However, the errant boy goes right on his phone instead , and it's not long before Mickey catches him in the act...

Quarrel of Couple

Coming home from work, and seeing his friend sprawled on the sofa

since this morning playing with his phone, he may love her, Bukass "fart" a cable!

Karim promises to look for work.

It just goes to show that spanking in a relationship can also be proof of love and, above all, be effective.

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Thinking Back

The first six swatts of the cane, to me has always been the worst! But the next twelve always had me in tears. 

I remember when Dad would say " Shut the faucet off son, we are just getting started".

I wanted to just pass out, by just the thought of it. My dad was a strict and firm man, which is why I am the same way, I  am today. 

Vulgar Employee (with AATT023)

There's nothing worst than  an employee that uses vulgar language. 

Thanks to Mr.Lee for sending this wonderful clip.  

Your going to get it!

Outdoor spanking discipline always seems to do some good for misbehaving boys. It's not just the spanking that gets their attention.

It's actually the embarrassment of getting their pants and underwear pulled down and made to assume the position in am open area, where they are most likely to be seen, getting their bare ass smacked repeatedly.

Of course, they will try to hold in their yelps and cries, with the mind set of they don't want no one to hear them, but they may have forgotten the sound of a bare hand smacking a bare bottom is like a lighting strike that can't be muzzled. 

The one thing that always had me going was once we got home, my boys always thought that the punishment was over. They would go to their room and get comfortable and lay across the bed to take a nap. Maybe they thought " if I act like I'm sleeping then Daddy won't awake me to spank my ass, again." 

We all know that is never the case. Some boys that have never been through this situation yet, would think that after the first spanking that would be the end of it. 

Sadly mistaken, young men.

When ever you are disciplined outdoors, always remember that, the quick spanking you received is just a preview of what you will receive when you get home. 

As you hear the door open and you feel your stomach cramping up and your nerves start to flutter. You turn very slowly and see Daddy walking in. Everything seems to be going in slow motion and the words he is saying is sounding deeper and slower " I'm going to ware your ass out, Boy " . Daddy puts the belt on the dresser and even though he didn't slam it down, the sound you heard was a loud thump. 

You stand up as he leaves back out the door and leaves the door cracked. Standing against the wall, you try to hold back the tears. 

Because you know that you are about to get a serious ass whoppen. Trying to prepare yourself for a well deserved spanking never works out as planned. 

We all know the ending to this situation and scene.
Be very careful on how you behave when you are outdoors, because as you have seen above, the preview spanking is nothing compared to the spanking you will receive when you get home.

Obviously, the spanking at home is not the end of your punishment. To make sure that you learned your lesson on outdoor etiquette.  Corner Time Reflection must be ordered.

After the punishment is said and done and dinner has been prepared and you and Daddy sit and eat together. 

You can best believe before bed you will receive one last dose of a domestic discipline banking session. Why? 
To make sure that this day stays on your mind stays on your mind, until the next time and you can rest assured there will be a next time.

As all boys do after their day of spanking, they go to the bathroom to check out and examine their bruised ass and for some reason they like to share with their buds on what happened.

Off to bed, with your sore red ass out, because the texture of the underwear rubbing against your ass is very irritating and makes your ass hurt more during the night

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