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Just look at Taavi as he goes looking for cash or a credit card to go shopping with, that is one seriously mischievous face, with the smile and glint in his eye when he strikes gold.

Trouble is, as soon as he gets his hands on the card, Teodor appears and catches him.

Even then, he tries the cheek I am innocent look, which fails completely with Teodor.

Grabbed and frog marched into the kitchen, Taavi finds himself getting a well deserved walloping.

There’s no doubt that Taavi knows that this time he is guilty and there’s nothing he can do but take what’s coming.

Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush at trying to steal something or the spanking,

but he is very excited when his underwear is pulled down, 

but Teodor soon spanks the hardness out of him.

Let’s see what the effects of this spanking have on Taavi, is it a lesson learned.

Equal Opportunity Spanking

 Good morning, Followers and Viewers. 

For the past couple of days, I have been thinking about something that I have written about before, which is " Black Male Spanking" 
Over the years, I have been watching out for black males that are in the spanking industry as spanking models. I have come across a few starting with a film that was recorded in the '70s and up. 

What I have learned is that most of the black spanking models do not stick around too long. I always wondered why. 

I have spoken with a couple of friends on its topic and some say that this is a touchy subject and I agree that it is.  

Having to talk to some people about this that oppose the idea of black males being spanked, with the reason of our history of being slaves and mistreated through the years

I can somewhat agree to a certain level, but I also understand that some people can take things a little bit too far. 

If one would think about domestic discipline and the different formats that it was displayed over the years, whether it was in a Hispanic home, Asian home, African American home or even across the seas in Russia or Spain, etc. 

You will notice that the majority of the people that were spanked have a different walk of life a different way of thinking have a different way of moving. 

I'm not going to dig into much on the history of domestic discipline because then that would change the whole idea of this post. 

But I will say that there is a big difference between domestic discipline and torture. No matter what nationality race color or creed that a person is or upholds.

Now getting back to the main idea, I am glad to see more black men are stepping out of the shadows and pursuing the art of male spanking and not just in America but all through the world. 
I guess I can say that I have been fortunate enough to have spoken with many models, spankers, and film producers and studios of male spanking and they have pretty much the same concept. 

Of what? I'm glad you asked. Of the concept of  " All men that need or want a good, hard, meaningful spanking should be able to receive it". 

The other day I had a conversation with Soit from SPK productions about this and some other things concerning " Prince and some of the other black spanking models and I must say that he has a very respectable outlook on this topic. 

Soit did not go too far in on the subject, but he did inform me that. 
It's a touchy subject, but yes we like to cast actors of color. 

There's no reason why they shouldn't deserve a few spankings too 
And you have to admit that they are often very pretty butts for a spanker.

Prince, our new actor, is a very nice person and a good actor.

In our films, besides building each time scenario, we also like to show the expression of the faces. 

We find this important. The spankers as well as the spanked play openly. 
And as Prince is very expressive we asked him to look at the camera while being spanked, which is rare for us.

I was extremely happy to hear this. I gather he does not look at color as a "thing" { Except for the pretty black/brown butts. But I think we all enjoy that}. 

SPK, Cp4man, Spanking Straight Boys, Feel the Sting  and many others have been giving " Equal opportunity spankings" to black men for a good while now and I would like to commend them all. 

We can go on and on if we started to name off our favorite models, but that would just make this post longer than it should be { Like that ever stopped me} 

I began ta ask Soit more about Prince and the other boys and asked for an exclusive interview with them. Soite replied that it might be difficult for an interview with them because of the language barrier, but he stated that we may still be able to get one, we would just do it differently. Which is fine with me. 

Soit did give me a small insight into Prince's new film coming out soon. I'm not sure if it's okay for me to share the description, so I'll just say the { Third episode} the second stay at MDF  will be a great spanking experience. for him. 

Soit went on to say 
We also like to play several times with the same actors because they gain confidence in front of the cameras. 
It is also important to know that we look for actors who do not have the fantasy of spanking and often have never received it to give more credibility to the scenes.

I love the fact that Soit and his team like to employ actors that have a fetish or fantasy about being spanked. He has a great point when he said that it gives more credibility to the scenes. 
That takes me to a couple of friends that you may have seen on here or a spanking tube that I have befriended. They have the same concept of Soit. 

The ones who come that have never been spanked before or/and come because they feel they need discipline and not for fantasy or fetish { Which we like those too} bring more realness to the situation or scene. 

The conversation Soit and I shared was awesome and the thing is that it was not even an interview! 
Stay tuned to " Discipline Matters" for the interviews and upcoming films from SPK and many others. 
I welcome all comments, on this, but please be respectful. 


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