Friday, August 27, 2021

Happy Birthday Darius

Good morning fellow followers and viewers I would like to take this time out to wish one of the best, good hearted loving and inspiring person a happy birthday. 
We have seen him grow up in the gay porn world. Back then he went by the name of 
"The Icon Kidd"

Darius has gone through things in his life and being a person that followed him for many and many of years, I can bare wittness  to the hardship and the downfall that this young man had. 

Darius has accomplished so many things in his young life that many people have no idea about. 

He has appeared in some short films and from my perspective he had done an awesome job at it. 

Darius has overcome drug addiction and depression and things of that matter. He does not make it a secret that he once had these burdens and that is why I am especially proud to actually know him, for who is really is. 

We have seen him in many adult gay porn films with some legendary porn stars. 

One thing that I can say about him is that many people counted him out  but he never counted himself out. Yes, he went through a trying time but Darius got back up. 

One thing that has not changed about him though is that  he still likes to stay in the camera.... 

Darius did one spanking scene throughout his career (that I know of) and anyone that knows about "The Icon Kidd", knows about this scene.. 

I admit I would have loved to have seen him in an actual spanking film. Darius has all the qualifications to have starred in a great spanking film ( beautiful skin, great shape, beautiful completion and a very Spankabel Yellow Ass). 

 But nevertheless, 

If Darius is reading this, 

I want to wish you a very happy birthday I need you to have a very memorial day and a blessed day not just today but everyday.
Continue to stay strong continue to build yourself because like I always said while you're building yourself you're helping others build themselves you have become the icon you have become the leader in a lot of people's lives or should I say inspiration. Happy Birthday, my friend! 

Happy Birthday From all of us here at Discipline Matters!!!

Jonathan & Ibrahim - hand and brush

Jonathan and Ibrahim get spanked together,


they receive a hard traditional spanking, with the bath brush.

Jonathan - ass whooping

Jonathan is 19 yo, who has been spanked and belted till the end of his adolescence.
He feels that he needs discipline in his life. 

He receives a traditional ass whooping, and otk spanking.

No faces shown on this video.


 During the summer, not only does the sunburn. 

Mateo's butt, with his swimsuit down, is an example of this. 

Durante el verano, no solo quema el sol. El culo de Mateo, con su bañador bajado es ejemplo de esto. 

盛夏的时候火辣辣的除了骄阳还有马特奥的屁股 --- 他的泳裤被脱下给揍了一顿


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