Saturday, August 28, 2021

I’m In Trouble

Some Lads just know their time is up and they have to face the consequences of their actions. 

Such is the case of one lad (Curtis Cameron) who must now face the wrath of Mr Holt (James Holt) for his gross disobedience and behavior. 

There’s only one answer and that’s a darn good spanking.

Taken up over Mr Holt’s lap the boy will now endure a sore butt reddening bottom slapping that in every way is well deserved.

By the time his bottom is bared

and the pounding palm of his spanker really gets going Curtis is wishing he’d never got himself into this humiliating situation.


Thank goodness his mates can’t see him right now!

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Shore Troubles

After navy Lt. Aiden Kim gets into fight at a pub, fellow officer Lt. Alex Jaeger brings him to Commander Palaiologos’ home early one morning.

The perplexed Commander has Lt. Jaeger punish Lt. Kim.

Lt. Kim is clearly hung over and must have had one wild night: he even mixed up his old school uniform shirt for a navy one. 

While the punishment is underwear by martinet and strap, however, the
Commander notes that Lt. Jaeger seems to be having trouble with his aim and balance,

who soon finds himself on the receiving end of the strap and holed paddle.

海军中尉 Aiden Kim 因为在酒吧里跟人打架而被他的战友中尉 Alex Jaeger 在一个早上带到了中校 Palaiologos 的家. 感到困惑的中校要求中尉 Jaeger惩罚中尉 Kim

中尉 Kim显然酒醉未醒并度过了疯狂的一晚: 他甚至把以前的校服衬衫当成了海军的衬衫. 中尉 Jaeger 持续使用散鞭及皮拍执行惩罚的同时中校发现了Jaeger 的准确度及平衡力均不理想, 因此Jaeger 很快就从执行者变成了被皮拍及带孔板子惩罚的受罚者


Kiran is in the salon jerking off, something he knows he should not do. 

 It’s also something he has done before and Dimitri has made plans for.

So when he is caught and finds himself OTK getting a walloping, it comes as no surprise to anyone, especially him.

Dimitri lays on a good set to try and stop the lad behaving like this once and for all.
Kiran has a great little butt, quite muscular, looks great when he tenses up and makes it hard.

But Dimitri has been expecting this and has a surprise for Kiran at the end.
He makes the well spanked lad stand there and he then fits a cage and locks the lad’s cock away.

Kiran looks devastated at this and shuffles off really dejected from the room. I

wonder how long he will have to wear this until he has learned his lesson.

" This is something different, but not so much out of context. Dimitri  making Kiran wear the chastity is a good start. This scene makes me think of the old BBFC.  It's like a blast from the past. Humm,, are they trying to give us a fair warning? 

Only time will tell!" 


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...