Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Flacking Off - Danny Boy

 A couple of weeks ago, Danny Boy made arrangements to meet with Mr. Lee for a domestic discipline spanking session. 

But boys being boys, Danny Boy refused to call or text Mr. Lee to inform him of the changes. Which everyone knows that when you make an appointment you make sure to keep your obligation and responsibility. 

Danny Boy decides to show up after making another appointment with Mr. Lee, but this session will be totally different from the one that he previous session he Flacked Out, on. 

Mr. Lee takes the time out to have a conversation with Danny Boy about responsibility, obligation and consequences. 

After Mr. Lee gets the point across verbally he decides to make sure the point is deeply embedded into Danny Boy's mind, heart, soul and ass. 

Mr. Lee calls Danny Boy over from off the couch and in attention position in front of him. Beings though this not a social call, Mr. Lee takes down Danny Boy's shorts

and grips his ear and takes him over his knee. 

Mr. Lee adjust Danny Boy over his knee to make sure  that the direct contact to Danny Boy's nicely shaped, round rumbustious ass is in the right range.   

Wth a couple of taps { Literally}, Mr. Lee begins on his red, semi tight boxer briefs. 

Mr. Lee begins to lay into Danny's ass with a serious misbehavior spanking using only his big and strong hands. Curving his hand to make sure that the spanking is effective. 

Danny Boy begins to yelp and cry out " YES SIR" as Mr. Lee lectures him about his transgressions and misbehavior as he kicks up his legs and tries to hold on to Mr. Lee's leg,but cant help but to put his hand in the way, Mr. Lee moves Danny;s hand and holds it up on his waist line. 

Mr. Lee, being calm and cool, peals down Danny's boxer briefs, revealing Danny's spankable, brown, round, hot { Literally}  and juicy ass. 

Without hesitation or resistance from Danny { to a certain degree} Mr. Lee begins to deliver a old fashioned ass whoopin that he rightly deserves. 

Danny boy is having a hard time staying into position,  but nevertheless, Mr. Lee puts him back into perspective. 

As Danny boy cries out { Literally} and yelps out "Yes Sir, I understand" as his brown butt wiggles and shakes from the sting of Mr. Lee's strong hands repeatedly smacking both cheeks without prejudice of either big round cheeks.

Mr. Lee tells Danny to hold his ankles as He grips his waist and begin rapid fire on his ass. Danny begins to cry and yelp as his cheeks begin to get tight and his upper body rises off Mr. Lee's knee,

but that does not stop the spanking, one bit. 

Mr. Lee continues until he feels fit that the lesson is learned. After ten minutes and forty- nine  seconds, {which probably felt like two hours for Danny's red and swollen ass}of hard swing, lecturing, crying and yelping, I believe that Danny has learned his lesson on Flacking Off  Mr. Lee. 

Mr. Lee pulls back up Danny's underwear and taps his butt and ends the session. 

This will be one that Danny never forgets. 

This is Danny's second spanking, but first from Mr. Lee, but from the looks of things, 

I don't think it will be the last. 



Dimitri is waiting, and losing patience fast for Jan to turn up. 

The lad eventually wanders in, trying his best to look innocent.

Dimitri admonishes him and grabs him, but Jan starts to resist, like all lads he is reluctant to be spanked even when he knows he has done wrong.

Dimitri sets about the lad with the leather paddle and teaches him the benefits of looking at a clock regularly.

By the time the blue boxers are down, it seems that the lesson is getting through, well getting through to Jan’s dick, 

anyway, judging by the semi hard state of it. 

The colour of his butt shines through his fuzz as the paddle lands swat after swat.

 Jan looks like a lad that finds it hard to accept that when he messes up, he has to pay the price, but with a super butt like his he is just asking for a regular spanking.

Late On Parade Featuring Oliver

After being late several times Oliver has been told to report for punishment.

He is told to position himself on the table.

 Four paddles are used on his posterior each one giving him 10 swats.

His facial expressions are priceless and with some swats his anticipation of the swat is wonderful!


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...