Friday, September 10, 2021

Long discipline spank


Jake steals some cash from his step father's wallet. 

After stealing many things from his parents, they are at their wits end and Jake is given the hardest, longest most painful over the knee spank of his life. 

This video was a monster to put together, I try to include my full face during the whole thing showing my reactions. 

There is very little dialogue from WoodyPaddle, just a long paced hard spanking.

Spanking Straight Boys: Russell’s Wheelbarrow Spanking

Russell is back and it’s time for an attitude adjustment. He’s very fond of running his mouth and being a smart aleck.

Like Jason
and Palmer,

Russell is in the category of young men who are used to getting by on their boyish charm and cute looks.

and Jeremy 

 also fit that description, but they are more deferential and humble (though their humility is likely more practiced than actual). Unlike all of them, Russell has a very intentional defiant streak. As young and cute as he is, Russell is no pushover.

Tom decided to spank Russell in the wheelbarrow position today. It is a stressful position in which a young man has to deal with holding himself up while he is being spanked.

Throw in Tom’s lecturing along with several hard implements, and you have a recipe for breaking a boy down.

Time is not on a boy’s side in the wheelbarrow position. He has to deal with an increasingly sore butt and fatigued arms. 

This facilitates an attitude adjustment, which is what happens here. Today we see a much more serious Russell who holds his tongue and at least feigns respect and obedience.

Russell is a cute teenage twink. He's married and his wife knows he is doing videos. He was subject to frequent bare-ass spankings in his younger years and thought that spanking was in his past. Turns out he was wrong!


Teodor is happily watching TV when in wanders Taavi, in a towel, and picks up the remote and changes the channel. 

The mischievous smile on his face says he did this deliberately. 

Teodor reprimands him and changes the channel back, pausing for a moment. 

Taavi grabs the remote and changes the channel again. 

Teodor gets a hold of the smilling, giggling lad and bends him over the couch and gives him a spanking. 

Knowing what this lad is like, Teodor keeps a few things around house handy, this time it’s the ping pong bat. 

The smile is soon off of Taavi’s face and his ass gets a good paddling.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...