Saturday, September 11, 2021

Wrestler Punished

Yukisuke is back this week alongside Ryan Young (last seen in “Switched”). 
Outside of his studies Ryan is amateur wrestler, having competed in tournaments in Japan. 

Yukisuke, surprisingly, also has a background in wrestling and challenges Ryan to a match: 

the loser having to do whatever the winner says. 

这个星期 Yukisuke 和 Ryan Young (上一次出现是在 “Switched” 视频里) 回到了BLS. 在学习以外 Ryan 是一名业余的摔跤手并曾参加日本的联赛. 意想不到的是 Yukisuke 也有摔跤的背景并向 Ryan 提出了比赛挑战: 条件是输掉的一方要完全跟从胜利者的指令

More Hard Times For Finn

Some lads get distracted from what they should be doing from time to time, it’s often just nature’s calling card in one way or another.

He’s off to his room to pleasure himself with the latest tube offerings on his mobile.

But…if you are going to do that anyone could walk in …

Marco catches Finn in the act
and, annoyed that Finn hasn’t put personal privacy first
and also ignoring his essential studies, decides to teach him a lesson.

By Getting a good spanking from Marco
is always hard
to take but this one is going to be a real scorcher!

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