Friday, September 17, 2021

Belting Over the Couch

 Another fantastic video from Daddy. 

Daddy is making sure that his boy is well disciplined and maintained.

A good belting is what a boy needs to keep him and in line and out of harm's way during his day to day activities. 

As you can see from this clip and all the others, Daddy plays no games when it comes to real domestic discipline.

Be sure to stop past and check out all the wonderful films of complete domestic discipline. 

You will not regret it.. 

Big Butt Latino Boy Belted



Fernando is lazy to move his buttocks and tidy up the room. It is necessary to give it a spanking to activate it. 

 Fernando es vago para mover el culo y ordenar su habitaciĆ³n. Es necesario darle unas nalgadas para activarlo. 

Teaching the new girl PT2


sofia continues her lessons with matias as he spanks and paddles angelo


Roman has been a bad boy, and so he has been sentenced to a long-lasting punishment,

it is all exceedingly difficult for him to endure.
Already resigned to his fate, Roman gets severely punished with the leather whip and spanked with a heavy hand,
all put an immense strain on his endurance level.

 Roman continues to be severely punished, this time though with the nine-tailed whip and spanked again

with a heavy hand, putting even more strain on his already wavering stamina.

Prep & Spank

Mickey has been informed in advanced he will be punished by Allen.

After showering he waits on his bed in the dormitory
for an assortment of punishing tools to come...


  The spanker wants to welcome the new student Petr with a spanking; he is very scared of being spanked.  The Master also called a more seni...