Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tighty Whitey Wednesday



“Mateo rebels against the punishment he's receiving for lying while going to the beach. 

 He is put into a wheelbarrow position to continue his punishment until he learns and is dominated

Mateo se revela contra el castigo que está recibiendo por mentir mientras se iba a la playa. 

Es puesto en posición carretilla para seguir su castigo hasta que aprende y es dominado

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Dustin in Baseball Gear

Dustin is a 23-year-old straight USMC infantrymen. 
He shot his first-ever videos with us a couple of years ago. 

His wife sent him to the his first shoot and hadn’t even given him details of the video he would be doing. 

She arranged the whole thing and her only requirement was that no women could be...

he moved back east and ended up shooting with ReluctantYoungMen. 

He was in town visiting, so it was time to shoot him again.

Dustin Cross Vital Stats:
Age: 20
Fun Fact: His wife is the one who arranged for Tom to spank him on video

Dustin is a 20-year-old straight Marine. His wife arranged for him to do videos with us, without even telling him what he'd be doing. Her only requirement was that there not be any women in the videos. No problem there!


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