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Saggers and Straps


As he is at the apartment of Teodor, Taavi takes a gamble that he won’t mind if he takes longer than usual in the shower.
Big mistake to make, and after the way that Dimitri walloped him last time, you would think that Taavi would not be a gambling man.
So, when he eventually emerges from the bathroom, he is pounced on by Teodor and dragged, naked, to the salon when he finds himself, ass up, OTK getting a paddling.
This is what he needs to try and get him to remember how to behave in someone else’s apartment.
He has a super little butt and it’s always good to see him getting spanked, just as well he is always naughty, and the paddle is perfect for the job.
With Taavi, you never know if he has learned or not, you just have to wait and see.

Doctor Doctor and Doctor Doctor 2

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‘You’re an idiot’, exclaims Dr Rouse as he discovers one of his young sports injury patients up to no good! Twice a week the good Doctor runs a clinic. It’s mainly attended by students from the local college who have sprained an ankle or twisted a tendon engaged in one sporting activity or another.

The first patient of the week is Carl Jennings (Damien Drake) who has twisted his back in rugby training. During the examination Dr Rouse is called away leaving the student to await his return. Looking around the empty surgery Carl’s eyes fall on the Doctor’s wallet. Temptation taking the better of him he quickly slips a wad of fivers into his pants. Unfortunately luck is not with him and on discovering the theft

Dr Rouse provides Carl with some preventative disciplinary treatment.

After a good spanking and a couple of Vitamin jabs from a cruel looking hypodermic, it’s out with the wooden medical ferula to finish the job.

Poor Carl has to take his medicine and suddenly the back pain is gone only to be replaced by a greater burning sensation in his athletic rounded backside!

The next session in the surgery brings in Rory Parker (Sebastian) who’s suffering from a muscular complaint. After stripping off his clothes the Doctor takes a look at the problem. A rectal examination is needed but during this he is again called away.

Like Carl Rory takes the opportunity to see what treasures the clinic holds. This time it’s the pills on the shelf that get raided.

On his return Dr Rouse is more than displeased with the lads’ antics. Preventive disciplinary medicine is clearly needed and Rory soon finds himself across the good doctor’s knee,

bottom high in the air, being slapped hard and getting redder by the second.

Now it’s face down on the couch for a stinging session with the lad’s own PT shoe.

This then is quickly followed by a whippy oriental massage birch laid on for good measure. Rory’s butt is raw and burning from this onslaught of medical justice!

With these young miscreants he certainly administers the treatment to initiate an immediate cure! Now they have a real reason to cry Doctor Doctor!

With these young miscreants he certainly administers the treatment to initiate an immediate cure! Now they have a real reason to cry Doctor Doctor!


The Doctor is in again and still as grouchy as ever. He doesn’t tolerate fools easily especially if they are young whipper snappers like two of his recent patients.

The first is Jason (Axel Green) like most lads he just wants to get a sick note to bunk off college.

However he takes it one step further by nicking the Doctor’s car keys when his back is turned. Caught trying to make a quick exit he can now expect some special treatment that only this doctor knows how to dish out!

Second to cross the Doctors path is not exactly a patient but his own step nephew ( Gary Barclay) He has been misbehaving badly in college and now word of this has reached the good Doctor.

Time for some more corrective treatment. This time the medicine will need to be administered to the rear end.

A good paddling and a stinging bare bottom spanking should aid this wayward boy to a complete attitude recovery.

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