Saturday, October 2, 2021

Delivered By Hand 3

Robert (Enzo Scott) has generated another letter regarding his bad behavior in college.


This subject raising its ugly head again is not going to go down well back home.

He’s had warnings before but clearly chooses not to take any notice of them.

Time for a new approach, one that’s already been threatened and now will be justifiably carried out!

The unruly lad is in for a good spanking

and to top it off will get a dose of the stinging leather strap too.

Maybe this is something he might just remember before his lecturers are forced to put pen to paper again!


Delivered By Hand 3 – in Standard Definition


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Title 2257

Calligraphy Class

    Penmanship and Handwriting:

   Skills that are quite often lacking in the young generation of today.

Fortunately for Ryan Young, Yukisuke is on hand to teach him the finer points of writing Chinese characters and calligraphy. 

When Ryan’s handwriting is not up to par, Yukisuke teaches the sloppy boy with another kind of “handwriting”…

书法及纪律性: 年轻世代今天普遍缺乏的元素.


Ryan Young 幸运有Yukisuke 指导他书写汉字. 当Yukisuke 

发现Ryan 的书法水平未达理想后他决定亲自给予一些教训 …


Kiran is too lazy to go outside and smoke, he is also not the brightest of lads as he decides to smoke out of the window in the kitchen. 

Not  only does he chose to smoke out the window but he does it in front of Dimitri.

Dimitri points out there is even a no smoking sign on the table, he hates smoking in the house, but the lad protests.

A furious Dimitri drags the lad over the table and reaches in to the drawer to get the paddle and grabs the spatula instead.

This infuriates him more and he really wallops the lad hard.

 both the trousers and spatula have to go and he is back to a hand spanking.

 Kiran’s underwear is down, it looks like he likes the rougher harder spanking as his dick is hard.

The more Dimitri spanks him, the less control he has and it’s not long before he blows a load under the table.

He is so flustered by this that, when he is told to leave the room,

he doesn’t even try to pull up his trousers he just does a shuffle at speed from the room, with his still hard dick pointing out the way to go.

A smoking hot clip with Kiran.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...