Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Unhappy Philip

Leon has once more overstepped the mark and Philip has to deal with him.

Leon is lazy, messy and generally untidy and it drives Philip mad.

Marching the lad into the garden and making him take a spanking in the cold winter air adds a lot to the spanking he gets.

only is is humiliating to be spanked outside, in case anyone comes along, it is also cold and hard to stop any shivering being seen as a weakness. 

It does not matter as Philip carries on spanking Leon as its a lesson he needs. A super clip with these two lads

22 yo Marco - caning and spanking

Marco is 22 yo hairy boy, he misbehaved again and this time,

his roommate sent him for a caning. 

No faces shown in this video. Real spanking


Dimitri has need to spank Krystof but this time he is going up the stakes. The lad has to come in, wearing only underwear and go into the wheelbarrow position.

This is hard for the bottom, as he has to hold himself up, but it makes him keep his ass really tight and that’s ideal for a paddling

Krystof has a super little ass and in underwear in the wheelbarrow he looks very hot.

After a warm up, he has to remove his boxers

and get back in position, naked.


Dimitri, not only lays on the paddle, but from time to time, he grabs hold of the lads junk to keep him in just the right place.

Krystof looks a little shocked at finding his junk pulled back and up while his ass is paddled.

A super hot clip with this popular lad, and one he gets away from quickly, at the end.


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