Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Spanked for being Suspended

Miguelhere'over my knee for getting suspended at work.

Seth's First Spanking

Seth is a 25-year-old blonde straight boy who hasn’t been spanked for a number of years. This is his first-ever spanking video, and the first time he has been touched by a man.

This video begins with a very brief interview with Seth during which he discusses his history of physical discipline and misbehavior. He’s always been a good boy. He’s never been arrested, and never even gotten a speeding ticket. He didn’t get in much trouble in school, either. No matter, it’s time for a spanking!

Tom spanks Seth by hand and with a wooden spoon, plastic shoe horn, a ping pong paddle and two wooden paddles. 

It’s a hard session that, as shown by his reactions, clearly surprises Seth. He may not have expected a hard spanking, but he still takes it like a man.


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