Thursday, October 7, 2021


Quand on est novice dans l’abbaye dite des lunes rouges, il faut mieux bien connaître le règlement. 

Notamment l’interdiction de sortir sans l’accord du Maître. 

Notre novice va découvrir le châtiment appliqué par son ignorance. 

Une flagellation au poteau.

When you are a novice in the abbey of the red moons, you must know the rules well. 

In particular, the prohibition to go out without the agreement of the Master. 

Our novice is going to discover the punishment applied by his ignorance. 

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Going to the Ballet

I have ventured throughout the years through a couple of ballets, and I must admit when I did go it was more than the storyline that I was looking at what was looking for.

Watching the men move around on the stage in an elegant manner, showing off their well chiseled bodies and their magnificent asses. 

Of course! Spanking came across my mind. 

In order to stay in shape the way that they do and to move the way that they do it takes a lot of drastic discipline... 

I believe that domestic discipline would help them , take them a long way. 

Of course I would say that; but I'm sure I'm not the only one. 

Some of these stills that I have is actually from a Tumblr page 

That I ran across this morning. 

It is the " Art of Male Spanking" in my eyes and mind. 

I believe that all of us " Spankos" have fantasized about having these boys across our knees as they are dressed in thier tights, hugging their ass as if they were bare. 

Smacking those cheeks repeatedly, seeing the glow through their tights...

Yes,,, you know my thoughts because I'm sure we share the same.. 

Some of us, even dressed our own boys in this very garment during their spanking session. 

Stop pass lovely ballets and more on Tumblr..  


Dimitri comes into the room and wakes up Viktor, the lad has been sleeping in.

Viktor has that “I was just getting up” look, of course. 

A wide awake Viktor now faces an angry Dimitri and he knows what is going to happen.

Dimitri drags him down the bed and sets about spanking the squirming lad.

Dimitri is not happy at the state of the room, clothes everywhere and the wardrobe a mess, so this is a well deserved session for Viktor. 

Viktor struggles and squirms but Dimitri has a hold of him and keeps him in place.

By the end of the clip, Viktor is in no doubt that he should keep the room tidy, he flees the room naked to grab his clothes that he left in the bathroom.

This is the best way to teach a lad to clean his room.


Nos deux amis vont se faire prendre en train de fumer dans le parking où habites les parents de Tony. La punition es...