Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Allen has just come back from sport,

but Mickey is waiting to punish him.

Allen gets it over the chair with a variety of tools
including a wicked large leather strap.

Tony's First Ever Spanking

Tony is a 21-year-old straight boy who, before today, has never done any adult work, never been touched by a man and never even been spanked or paddled. Indeed, he only decided to do be spanked once he arrived and Tom presented him with the offer.

This video starts with an interview in which we learn about Tony’s sex life and his history of physical discipline (spoiler alert: he has no history of physical discipline).

Tom then orders Tony to kneel on the couch and begins spanking him with a long wooden paddle that is over 100 years old.

It’s clear that Tony can hardly believe he is being paddled. It is a completely new experience for him.

The hard paddling and spanking stings and Tony’s butt is soon red.

Tony’s reactions are priceless. He’s a proud, strong young straight man who is being spanked and lectured by a man he just met.

It is a humiliating, humbling experience.

We hope to see much more of Tony as his attitude needs a good deal of work.


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